Animal Wisdom Oracle Readings

For much of my life animals have served as a reflection of what I needed to learn and provided some undeniable signposts just when I needed them most. Though I didn’t always recognize it as such. But over the years my awareness deepened (and continues to!) of how animals are intelligent beings with much to share with us. It was looking back that I realized some profound teachings of animals that guided me in beautiful ways, helping me to heal in ways I could have never imagined.

Over fifteen years ago, embarking on a spiritual path because I just knew there had to be more to this thing called life, I knew I wanted to write about animals and our connection to them. During that time, I also became fascinated with oracle cards, having collected many decks over the years, and which I use as a tool to consult with in my own ritual practice on a regular basis.

In my memoir, Wisdom Found in the Pause – Joie’s Gift it was oracle cards I used almost everyday during a two month sabbatical I embarked on while learning to be still and listen for what was next in my life’s work. While there were times I felt lost during this time of uncertainty and transition, there were also days I was left in awe as each oracle card revealed just the right message that I needed to hear. It gave me hope, empowered me, and confirmed that we are never alone— and that there is always divine guidance waiting to help us if we just ask.

Pets in my life, past and present, along with animals in nature and spirit animals, have been, and continue to be, some of my greatest teachers!


Coming soon I’ll be offering Animal Wisdom Oracle card readings to help you.

Whether you are going through a transitional time of wondering what your purpose is, the grief over the loss of a pet, or wanting to make a change, it’s the animals that can help guide you in an inspiring and unique way.

The animals and myself are here and want to help encourage and empower you, and confirm what it is that you already know, and that you are here on this planet to experience joy and love. And sometimes we just need a gentle reminder so that we can move forward again.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy these weekly messages I share from the animal spirits.