Frankie Nominated for Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame

We are extremely honored to have had Frankie nominated by Dr. Greg Bohn of Kettle Moraine Vet Center for the Pet Hall of Fame.  Frankie will be entering the category of Companion- Pets who provided a benefit to their human companions or their community.  Dr. Bohn has been so supportive of Frankie’s work and we are so appreciative of this special honor.  No matter what, we feel like Frankie is already a winner.  Thank you, Dr. Bohn!!

We will keep you posted!  The awards ceremony is in Feb. 2009….

Right after I learned of this wonderful news, I walked out to the deck to find Frankie and give her a hug.  At first I couldn’t find her and then there she was, up on the ledge of the patio door.  I laughed and laughed… she has never done that before that I know of.  At first I wondered why she was sitting on the ledge and then realized she was getting the last inch of sunshine of the day… the rest of the deck was shaded over for the afternoon and this was the only bit of warmth left from the sun.  That little one sure does love the sun!