Frankie’s New Hug-A-Dog Vest

Three years ago, Hug-A-Dog heard about Frankie and offered to make her a vest.  I was so touched.  These are great vests and I didn’t know about them until then.  The vest is designed to use in place of a collar.  You attach your dog’s leash to the D-ring on the back of the vest.  This takes the pressure of their neck and spine and if your dog is one who likes to pull, this is a good vest to have.

What I like about these vests is how very well made they are, as well as so stylish!!  Another nice feature is the “handle” on the back which serves as another wonderful safety item.  You can slip the seat belt through the handle and buckle your little one in.  Last week I received a message from April Scott of Hug-A-Dog asking if she could make another vest for Frankie as congratulation gift for her mascot position for National Disabled Pets Day.  Again, I was so touched.  There are some very nice people in the world, and April is definitely one of them.  So here is Frankie in her new vest!!