Woman’s World Magazine to Feature Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dogs Story!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think Frankie’s story would make it into a national magazine!  I received the go ahead to make this very exciting announcement that Frankie will be featured in issue #29 of Woman’s World magazine, which will be on stands July 12th.  This is one week before my 47th birthday and I could not ask for a better gift than this!

Woman’s World found out about Frankie through her story being featured in Every Dog Has A Gift by Rachel McPherson, published by Penguin/Tarcher publishing.  The research editor with Woman’s World contacted me back in January. It’s amazing where one’s journey will take you if you are open to the possibilities…


(This is not the actual cover of the issue we will be in- just used this for reference)

“The warmhearted weekly magazine for busy women. Includes recipes, tips for organizing the home and much more. Woman’s World Magazine is the number one woman’s weekly! This magazine is wonderful, it has an advise for every area of the everyday life, it goes from cooking, diet, money saving to decoration and fun, greatly recommend it.”

With a readership of 8.2 million we are thrilled that Frankie’s message that animals with disabilieis can and do live quality lives will make a huge splash!  We can’t thank Woman’s World enough for sharing our story which we believe will help educate so many more people about special needs pets, as well as give hope to everyone and anyone facing a challenge.

We hope you will grab the issue when it comes out– let us know what you think!

Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog Featured in “Dogs and the Women Who Love Them”

It was last summer that I heard of a contest being sponsored by Linda and Allen Anderson of Angel Animals Network, called Dogs and the Women Who Love Them.  I remember reading about the contest and feeling a flutter in my heart, while tears instantly sprang to my eyes.

The contest was about how dogs have helped women in their lives with healing and/or finding their purpose.  I felt this had me written all over it.  As usual, thoughts of, am I good enough to enter a contest, etc. reared their ugly head.  Then came a few emails from friends and fellow authors asking if I saw the contest and how I had to enter.  Just the positive influence I needed to face my fears.

I thought long and hard about this contest.  It took a few more weeks of procrastinating on my part to finally begin the writing process.  When I began, I could not stop.  To me, this contest felt like the culmination of all Frankie and I had been through and accomplished the past two years.

When it was complete I sent it in and let it go- wishing it to be whatever it was meant to be.  I was so happy and surprised when I placed 2nd in the contest for my story, “The Blessing of a Wheelchair-Bound Dachshund.”  And I was absolutely thrilled when I learned my story would make it into Linda and Allen’s new book, Dogs and the Women Who Love Them:  Extraordinary True Stories of Loyalty, Healing, and Inspiration.”

With a few tweaks from the editor, the story I originally wrote is even better, while still a true reflection of who I am and what I wrote.

It is a thrill to be in the book that will come out November 1st, 2010 and which you can pre-order on Amazon  today.  I’m happy to announce also that fellow authors I know, Jenny Pavlovic and Sage Lewis will also have their stories in the book.  An honor to be among them!