Cuddles the Inspiring Dachshund

Cuddles has stayed in my mind and heart ever since I learned about her a week or so ago.  I just can't seem to get enough of her.  When I look into her eyes, I see the soul of one of the most compassionate beings ever.  Her face truly says it all.  After all she has endured, she continues to love.  I'm just so happy she is getting the love in return that she so deserves.

She has a long road ahead of her.  If you'd like to help her, please feel free to visit her onFacebook.  If you can't help monetarily I believe in the power of prayer.


Replay of The Petcast Radio Show: A Disabled Pets Special Joys


If you missed my interview with The Petcast I would encourage you to listen and help me spread a positive message about animals with disabilities.  It is episode #260 “A Disabled Pets Special Joys” and is currently right on the home page.

Receiving notice that the replay was available came just at the right time.  Over the weekend I was feeling more sensitive to the question people would ask of me when they saw Frankie which was, “What is wrong with your dog?”  The word wrong really struck a chord.  It really hit close to the depth of my heart when a woman actually gasped and with a look on her face as if Frankie was “scary” looking as she also asked what was “wrong.”

At first I felt angry that people were being judgmental and what seemed to be ignorant.  But I also then realized how much more education is needed to let others know animals with disabilities are not weird, or strange, or “wrong.”  They are living, breathing, feeling beings.

When I did the Petcast radio show a week or so ago and listened today I was reminded of a similar situation when a woman “friended” me on facebook and then decided to tell me I was selfish for “trapping” Frankie in a wheelchair and that it is not “natural” to help her go to the bathroom.  She is a breeder of dachshunds, so I suppose the thought of an “imperfect” dachshund was hard to bear.  No one or anything is perfect.  That is what makes us all unique and special.

Though hurt and angry for some of the words chosen directed at me about Frankie over the weekend, as well as the Facebook situation, I am reminded of all the work yet to be done.  I know in my heart I am doing the right thing.  No one will ever sway me from that.  I feel it deep in my soul.  But I am human, and at times, it hurts.  And part of it is feeling like a mama bear wanting to protect her cub from any hurt.

So do listen if you can to the PetCast and help share the message and radio show with others so we can continue to show others how special these animals truly are.

A Pillow that Purrs

Frankie has a kitty pillow, which I write about in my first book, Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog.  It is a large pink pillow with colorful kitties in cute little dresses.  I often get kids asking about that pillow.  They ask, "Does Frankie really have a dancing kitty pillow?"  "Can we see the dancing kitty pillow?"  It really sparks their curiosity.

Well, when I saw this video of a real kitty pillow, I just had to share.  Thank you Blogpaws for sharing this.  Enjoy!