Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog in New Upcoming Book!

You can now pre-order this wonderful new book Animals and the Kids Who Love Them which features Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog and her special bond with a special needs little boy named Jackson.

Our heartfelt thanks to Linda and Allen Anderson for asking us to submit the story and to New World Library for accepting the story for what will no doubt be a touching book of stories.


When To Choose Hospice or Euthanasia or Both for Your Pet

This is a must listen to radio show for everyone who has a pet.  There are options, and educating ourselves before that difficult day will help you make the best decsion for your beloved pet.


In memory of the bigger than life, forever lovable Shadrach

Thank you Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeanne Thompson for this heartfelt, dignified, graceful, & loving show…. it will make a difference.


Ordinary People Extraordinary Planet- One of My Favorite Radio Interviews!

From Radio Host Ray Lenoard:  Man’s Best Friend? Frankie is more than man’s best friend, she brings peace and comfort to those who are dying. Barbara Techel and Frankie you both are doing the extraordinary!!!

Click here to hear one of my favorite interviews with one of the coolest radio hosts, Ray Leonard!

A very special thank you to Luann Travis, Volunteer Services Coordinator of Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice for taking part in this interview and sharing the importance and value of therapy dogs.