Dog Wheelchairs can Lead to “Spinal Walking” in IVDD Dogs

When Frankie was diagnosed with IVDD in 2006, in my mind at the time, the only option was for her to walk on her own again without a wheelchair. It was my plan B and I didn't want to have to do it.  Not because I didn't want to help her, but because I couldn't bear to think she would not walk on her own again.

I'm so glad I realized the benefit of a wheelchair and found Eddie's Wheels to have her custom fitted for one because over the years her "walking" has improved. She may not walk like a regular dog and still needs the help of her wheelchair for standing and longer walks or playing in the yard, but she has a happy, quality life… and that was the goal.

I'm a strong believer in Eddie's Wheels for the fact that they support the long length of a dachshund's spine and because of the custom fit so their backs have the best chance at healing.

Frankie does not "spinal walk" but rather "spinal hops."  The times she does do this is always around feeding time.  She LOVES to eat!  Otherwise she pulls herself along on our hardwood floor when not in her wheelchair.

But for anyone trying to make a decsion about a wheelchair, I'd encouarge you to call or email Eddie's Wheels and talk with them.  They are so helpful and caring and will do all they can to put your mind at ease and help make the life of your disabled pet a happy one.

So check out their video on Clark, a dachshund with a wheelchair, who started to show movement in his legs after using his Eddie's Wheels wheelchair.


And as you can see, Clark does not even notice his wheels with his nose busy in the ground doing what dachshunds love to do best!

Read more about Eddie's Wheels and how they are helping IVDD dogs "spinal walk" as well as, in some cases, fully walk on their own again.

Why Frankie and I recommend Eddie's Wheels: