Daniel the Beagle- A Miracle Dog Fighting to End Pet Gas Chambers

I was shocked to learn that 30 states use gas chambers to kill dogs that are up for adoption at shelters, but are not adopted. I did not know this barbaric practice was in place. Daniel the beagle was one of those dogs put in a gas chamber with 17 other dogs. When the door was opened, Daniel walked out. His tail was wagging.

A vet explained that there could have been an air pocket that helped Daniel escape the gas. We can try and find a reason that makes sense to our human minds, but I believe without a doubt that something bigger was at work that Daniel walked away– full of life– with a very important mission and message to share.

I was delighted when I learned that Daniel was adopted by my friend Joe Dwyer. Joe is a man of deep compassion for animals– Daniel and Joe were meant to have found each other– no doubt what-so-ever in my mind.

Joe, Shelby and Daniel

I spoke with Joe today and his first and foremost concern is Daniel’s well being- to ensure he gets to be a dog with lots of playing time, enjoying his new family, and plenty of down time to just be a dog. It is one of the biggest things I appreciate and admire about Joe- his devotion to our furry companions and their well being. Second, he knows Daniel is a miracle and the message to outlaw gas chambers is a very needed and important one. He and Daniel are working hard to put into place “Daniel’s Law” in Pennsylvania that will end this awful practice…. and hopefully all other 30 states will follow.

You can help Joe and Daniel spread the word just like we are doing. Share on your blog if you have one, share on Facebook, Twitter, wherever you can. Awareness brings positive changes. Every little bit helps.

No dog should ever, ever have to die in this way. They are living, breathing beings that deserve so much more. As it says on his website, “Adoption is the answer.” So share his story where you can… I can assure you Daniel’s tail will wag for your efforts. And all the dogs that will be adopted because of Daniel’s story will thank you with complete love and devotion to you till the end of their time here on earth.

I encourage you to watch Daniel, Joe and his wife, Gerilynn on the Anderson Cooper show this Friday at 3:00pm CST.

Please also visit and friend Daniel on Facebook, and also check out his website where he will be sharing updates of his work to end pet gas chambers.

Moo Kitty Finds a New Home- Book Review

I was so honored and tickled to be asked to review an advance copy of this new book, “Moo Kitty Finds a New Home.” I’m now head-over-heels in love not only with Moo Kitty, but the story that will no doubt help many shelter animals find forever homes. So without further ado, here is my review:

Moo Kitty purred his way right into my heart! Oh, how my heart ached when Moo Kitty’s beloved elderly parent passes away, and was also then abandoned by family members. Left to fend for himself he is guided by three guardian angel kitties to have faith he will find a new home-such an incredibly beautiful lesson in just that for children- to believe and not give up hope. Valerie Lee Veltre has tackled a tough subject with compassion and grace, shedding a positive light on shelters, and the truly amazing work they do each and every day to help all pets find loving homes.

This book will help our younger generation to understand that an older pet has just as much love to give as a young one, as well as encourage adults to think about doing the same.

I see only good, and many happy shelter animals finding their way to loving, forever homes with the help of Moo Kitty leading the way. Bravo to Valerie for sharing a truly inspiring story to change the lives of many pets now, and in the future.

This book will make a great gift for youngsters or buy a bunch to donate to your local shelters to use as a fundraiser.

Pre-order Your Copy Today!

Elephant Loses Best Friend

Just when we think we humans are the only ones who mourn the loss of our best friends… along comes this story that made me weep many tears, but also rejoice in the compassion and love between this sweet elephant and her best friend. Click on the link below to watch video.

Elephant Loses Best Friend

Thank you to a reader that notified me that there is a children's book about this beautiful duo!