Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dogs Special Impact on a Deaf Boy

I’m always so grateful to people who take the time to share with me the impact Frankie and the books I wrote about her have had on them and their children. Today I received this wonderful email from Stacey Blecher in Creame Ridge,NJ. As you can imagine I was very touched. She kindly gave me permission to share her email.

My son, Hayden Blecher (10), Newell Elementary School, Allentown, NJ, just enjoyed a SKYPE visit from you and Frankie last week – as well as an autographed book.  Hayden brought the book home and talked up a storm about Frankie being a girl and so cute and needing help to walk.  Probably a conversation held in many households of Newell 4th graders that night, but my son is profoundly deaf and hears with the assistance of cochlear implants.  The parallels to Frankie weren’t lost on either of us – and I admittedly bawled like a baby when I quickly read the book my son was so excited about receiving.  Truly one of the most inspiring children’s books I have ever read!  Having a special needs child, many people say that these children find their way to the “right” parents that will love and care for them with all their beings.  I thought of that several times as I read your book – Frankie found her way to the parents that do indeed love and care for her with all their beings.  So I just wanted to thank you for authoring such a wonderful book, being such a wonderful mom to Frankie and sharing your story with my son and others who will value most from Frankie’s message!!!  ~Stacey Blecher

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Being Willing to Give What We Most Hope to Get

I was really touched by this story from life coach Cheryl Richardson’s newsletter today. I just had to share.

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“I lost both my beloved kitties a year ago to renal failure.  From following your weekly stories, I know you love your little one as much as I loved mine.

This week I decided I would start slowly picking up cat supplies for my new kitties “to be”.  You see, although I absolutely adore the companionship of cats, I had been stalling, as the pain of losing “my boys” was still very much with me.

I just happened to be coming from a medical appointment in a part of town I’m rarely in and saw a small pet shop.  As I walked in, I noticed a cage with a couple cats in it but I went to the back of the store looking for litter pans.  When I came back to the front, one of the sales people was struggling – she was trying to clean the cage while holding a kitty.  I quickly offered to hold the kitty for her.  Well, this little tabby melted into my arms…. he purred right away, he nuzzled, he just seemed to “fit.” I held him for about 10 minutes and when I put him back in his cage, he actually leapt from his cage onto my shoulder.  Yes, this was a sign!  And he had a brother…. and I wanted two boys.

But, there is a bit more to this story.  I was still hesitant as these boys were 6 month-old rescue kitties and I wanted babies.

The next morning I met with my financial advisor who I hadn’t seen for a while.  I was telling her that I wanted to get a full-time or “real” job, as I was tired of the ups and downs of working as an independent.  But, I was encountering “ageism.”  Despite my exceptional qualifications, employers seemed to want someone younger.  As I was driving away from the meeting, I suddenly realized what just happened.  I connected the dots.

I drove straight to the pet store to pick up my 6 month-old little boys.  They are here now – safe, secure, loved, and (unfortunately), climbing my curtains.”

And Cheryl commented:  Mary’s story is a beautiful lesson in being willing to give what we most hope to get.