I’ve Never Been a Scrapbooker, but Do I Love Pinterest!

I resisted Pinterest when I first began hearing about it. I thought, Oh no, another social media thing to do!  But of course when you keep hearing about something you finally have this insane urge to know more.  Yup, it happened to me and the call of Pinterest would not let me rest until I checked it out.

I didn’t quite understand or get the hang of it at first… but once I did, boy did I have fun… and still having fun!  I’ve never been one to scrapbook. I think because I have no patience for things like that. I tend to like instant gratification. But once you have Pinterest set up and start creating your boards, it is as easy as 1-2- 3!  Weeeeeeee…. away we go…. and oh, so fun!

For me, it helped to take an online ecourse which is all done in 8-12 minute videos. So I could start and stop the videos and put into practice right away what I was learning about setting up my Pinterest page and then boards, and then for fun part of pinning photos to my boards.  Check out the free video for pinning photos from Facebook onto your board, which will also give you an idea also of the online video ecourse.  And gosh, you just may hear the instructor Laura talking about someone you know!  🙂

I invite you to follow me on Pinterest and to set up an account yourself if you have not done so already. It really is fun.  Whether for fun or getting your message out into the world, this is a wonderful new social media avenue that I’m glad I finally embraced.

Full disclosure:  I am an affliate for Laura Wagner’s company Webs by Wagner and her Pinterest online ecourse. Please know that I only recommend products/services of those that I have personally used and completely trust.