Staying the Course

(this is not the cover of my book– but I just like playing & seeing the title in print– it’s my encouragement to keep going)

My book has now officially finished the editing stage with editor extraordinaire, Yvonne Perry. What a ride!

There were times I didn’t want to stay the course, but I did.

I’m also in the midst of an intense 8 week on-line course with Dan Blank of We Grow Media.  This course is helping me to dig down deep as I transition from my children’s book series to my nonfiction book. It hasn’t been easy. I kept fearing I had to let go of what I worked so hard to build with Frankie and my audience of all the children we have mentored along the way. I kept wondering how I could gel the two together (children’s books and new book) and wondering how does that look in terms of my bigger purpose?  I wondered again as I did when I went through coaching with my life coach, Diane, How often do people really sit down and think all the way into the depths of their soul?

As with my new book, this course has really made me stop and think and I found myself not wanting to stay the course a few times. But yet I persevered. Why? It really hit home for me after lesson two of my class and really getting to the crux of what it is I stand for. And how can that help others?  Not only children, but adults as well.  I was thrilled after much intense work on re-doing my “About” page on my website as well as my tag line, it all came together to the core of what I want to share:

I encourage others to live with passion & authenticity & celebrate the human-animal bond which teaches us us to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Reading my tag line is what keeps me staying the course.  Now begins the work of getting endorsements, someone to write foreword, write acknowledgements, have book cover designed, copyediting, and on and on the list goes… a list I’m happy to keep working on and moving forward.  Giving birth to a book is hard work, but it is also so amazingly rewarding.

We all have goals and dreams we are striving for in life. What keeps you staying the course?