Angel of Love: What Mama Means to Me

IMG_1921 eSome of my most treasured moments are spending time with my mom. A week or two before Christmas we always get together for lunch. I love my one on one time with her.

No matter how old I get she will always be mama to me. When I call her mama, it is in these moments I feel incredibly grateful for her and find it hard to find the exact right words to express this to her.

This special Angel of Love holding a little pup is new to my branch tree this year. Gifted to me by my mama. ¬†She understands the deep love I have for my dog’s. I never gave her grandchildren, but many grand-dogs. She has loved me through many things. Sometimes not understanding my choices, but always loving me.

When I take down my Christmas ornaments, the Angel of Love will not be put away in a box. She will fly out to my writing cottage and reside there for me to remind me of my mama’s never ending love.

My mama. My friend. My guide. My angel.


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