One of those Days…and then Buddha Dog Comes Along.

2014-03-31 14.33.34 12It’s been a good day today, really. Just one of those days where I wonder how I will ever get it all done.

We’ve made some changes to our life lately. Our life does not look the same as it did last year, or even six months ago. John is now working back on the job site more often. We are down to one full time guy from three we had a year ago. One having moved onto a different field of work, and the other with another construction company.

It’s funny how the Universe will support you in your thinking. John had been giving thought for quite sometime that if one or more of the guys quit he wouldn’t replace them. So often he found himself exhausted from trying to keep work for all three. So now here it is, a new way in which he will move forward. I must say, he’s been happier than he has been in a long time. This change seems to be a good fit for him.

John is the bread winner in our family. While I make a little extra spending money, I’m still getting my name out there with my books, which is a day by day work in progress.

To help support our finances as we re-did out budget this year, anticipating higher health insurance costs coming down the pipe soon for us, I’ve made some changes too.  For years, I had someone clean our house once a month so I could concentrate on my work. But to contribute to the household and save money, I’ve taken that responsibility back. It makes me feel better that I am contributing in this way to our life, just as John has had to make changes. I’ve also added back into my schedule doing the social media marketing for his business.

The wonderful thing about John is that he didn’t say I had to do these things – he knows how important my writing and my mission is to me. It was my idea and choice. But one thing I’ve always been so grateful in my marriage is that we always talk things through and we work together.

So I’m glad to be writing about this today as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed looking at my list of “to-do’s”  today realizing two things aren’t going to get accomplished. I started to feel myself get stressed about it.

Then along came Buddha dog, Gidget, who looked up at me as if to say, “It’s okay. Tomorrow is another day. You will get it done. You always do.” Her sweet eyes beckoned me to pick her up and hold her.

As I did, I felt the tension leave my shoulders. Her wise wisdom spoke to my heart that taking time for each other and loving each other is what matters. The rest will all work itself out.

Tomorrow is another day to begin again… and a reminder to keep close in my heart what truly matters. My amazing husband, our quaint little house, our dogs, our health, and that spring is on its way.

Spirit Dog’s See Me and Help Keep the Light Shining.

barb, kylie and gidgetKylie loves her kennel. When she was a pup we trained her to be in it while we were gone. It has come to be her “happy” place. Her place to center and chill out.

To this day, when we get ready to leave, she goes in her kennel and lies down. We don’t even close the door. Often times during the day you will find her sleeping (and snoring loudly!) in her kennel.

John has dubbed it her “apartment.”  Last night Gidget and I went to “visit” Kylie at her apartment. It was very nice. She was happy to have Gidget and me over for a visit. Though she didn’t serve tea, I was happy to just be hanging out with her in her special space.

I asked John to take a picture of me hanging out with my girls. When I look at it, I see me. Meaning, I really see who I am. I feel like I can almost see my soul. Maybe this sounds silly, but I really can identify with myself when I am surrounded by my dogs. It’s this feeling of knowing deep in my heart and bones that I am one with them. That we are here to help each other.  That they love me – They see me – They accept me… That they get me.

I can be me – all of who I am – with them. No holding back. And this animal wisdom I carry with me as I move out into the world each day. It’s the light I wish to carry inside me always which I hope radiates out to others, and touches them in whatever way is meant to be right and good for them.

What I Would Say to My 5-Year Old Self Today.

5 years oldAfter I posted this photo on my Facebook page today for what they call throwback Thursday, I wondered what I’d say to my 5-year old self today.

I’d first tell her I love her and how beautiful she is. How I can see that light in her heart shining so very brightly. I’d tell her to not ever let anyone dim that light.

Be you. Be brave. Be strong. Love you first and the rest will follow as it is meant to be.

Your heart will break, but know that when it does, joy will return again soon. You can’t experience one without the other.

I’d tell her that when boys tease you it’s because they like you (wish I had known that when a little boy named Mark would always pull my pigtails on the playground!).

I’d tell her life isn’t going to be fair, but that I’ll always have a choice about my attitude.

I’d tell her that wisdom will be shared with her through the great teachings of Dog.

I’d tell her she will feel odd and left out at times, but to stand tall in who she is. To own her authenticity. To never play small.

I’d tell her to always pay attention to what her heart is whispering and not let the loud noises of society drown out those whispers.

I’d tell her to always live from the inside, out.

I’d tell her she is safe and she is loved. And always will be.