Joyful Paws Getting a New Look. Come See.

JP banner website

It was time. Time for a new banner for Joyful Paws. I’ve been giving thought to this for a long time.

How to capture all that Joyful Paws represents in a single banner? Not an easy thing to do. I thought much about words, ideas, thoughts, the past, the present, and how I want to move forward.

My last banner had pictures of both my wheelchair dogs, Frankie and Joie. Now both living happily in another realm. Still very much a part of my heart and soul, but residing quietly in a place I hope suits them well.

I felt it time to let them rest even deeper into that feel good place they now are and share photos of my current dogs, Kylie and Gidget which are a joy in their own right to have as part of my daily existence.

In all honesty, it was hard to let go of the photos of Frankie and Joie. It is still a part of what Joyful Paws is about. But because of them I’ve grown deeper into my spirituality and who I am. I will forever have them to thank for that.

As I also have been giving thought to why I became intrigued by the process of SoulCollage®  and completed my training this past November, it is because of how far I’ve come because of the innate wisdom I’ve gained because of the animals in my life. I’ve done much reading, exploring, and reflection the past 12 years to be at this point of living a more meaningful life.

My online journal and my memoir, and children’s books, I hope encourages others to do the same. As I move forward I want to encourage you to pause more often, listen deeper to your heart, and capture what matters most to you (hence the reason for using pause. listen. capture. in my banner).

It is through my writing and offering SoulCollage® workshops in the near furture, in small groups, and one-on-one, that I’m working with as I move forward.

This is in part a big reason for my new banner. I’m growing and evolving and yet, in many ways, still the same — just expanding in new ways.

It feels good to be in this place of new projects and new avenues to pursue. It has felt like a long time coming since I’ve really felt this type of positive movement forward. I welcome it.

I hope you like the new banner. I’m quite happy with it. I’m also working behind the scenes of updating some of my pages on my website too. I hope to present a cleaner, crisper look and one that helps you feel even more connected to me and all that Joyful Paws represents.  Stay tuned!