Give Paralyzed Dogs the Gift of Mobility

Since 2012 I’ve been carrying on Frankie’s legacy – a mission her and I started together – to be a positive voice for paralyzed dogs – to help others see that dogs do live fulfilling lives even when using a dog wheelchair.

As many of you know, who follow my online journal (thank you!), this fund has granted to date, 40 wheelchairs to dogs in need. The majority we have granted the full amount of the cost of a wheelchair, some partial if their owner is able to contribute something toward the wheels, and two we have covered the cost of shipping.

It all matters. To be a part of giving the gift of mobility to a paralyzed dog truly is rewarding.

So while I have the Frankie Wheelchair Fund set up to donate via Paypal on National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day website, I was also recently encouraged to start a Go Fund Me campaign. It will run indefinitely as that is the beauty of Go Fund Me. It’s also another great avenue in which to get the word out about this special mission.

So here is where I’m asking for your help. While I know money can be tight for many, and I understand that completely – but if you’d be willing to share this campaign on your Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, blog, or with family and friends, I’d be so grateful. It would really help me to spread the word, so that more dogs can be helped. And of course, if you know of anyone who would like to donate, that will allow the fund to help even more paralyzed dogs.

I take the funding very seriously and have an application process in place. Not everyone is approved, but I feel the process I have is needed and fair. If I’m not quite sure about an applicant, I have others I turn to to help me in the decision making process.

Just to review also The Frankie Wheelchair Fund requirements for those granted a wheelchair:

1.) A photo to be submitted once dog is up and rolling in their wheelchair so I can share via my social media avenues – and they are forever displayed on National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day website.

2.) The wheelchair is donated to another dog when it no longer needed, or it is donated back to Eddie’s Wheels (where they are originally purchased from) – so that they may be adjusted to fit another dog in need.

I’m excited about this new avenue with Go Fund Me, but also know that I can’t do this alone. And gosh, if not for everyone who helped me along the way, I couldn’t have helped so many already. I welcome your help in helping me spread the word and say right now a grateful thank you!

…and if you have any helpful suggestions in other ways to spread the word, I’m open to that too.

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