Update on Gidget. Our Visit to a Chinese Veterinarian Acupuncturist.

2014-02-18 09.18.29

Yesterday afternoon I took Gidget to Dr. Andrea Lanphear in Madison who is veterinarian and also a veterinarian of acupuncture and Chinese medicine with Anshen Veterinary Acupuncture.

It was a two hour appointment going over in depth Gidget’s diet, her environment, her personality and so much more. She also received an acupuncture treatment.

Watching her experience the acupuncture was fascinating. She didn’t seem to mind the tiny needles at all. As Dr. Andrea and I continued to talk while the needles did their work, I realized Gidget was relaxing into my hands, almost melting into them. It made me feel good that she was having a positive experience with this.

We discussed many things yesterday. I shared with Dr. Andrea a theory I have of what may be causing the seizures. I supplied my research and she felt there is something there worth observing and considering.

For now I’m not comfortable in saying anything about what I think it may be, as now it is a “wait and see” situation. But it is something I was giving Gidget and as of last week after her last seizure, I’ve stopped giving it to her.

Interestingly enough, when I began giving this product to her it coincides with when the seizures began. I must also note that just because Gidget may have experienced seizures from this, does not mean other dogs will.

It will be wonderful if this is what it is as we will have solved the puzzle. I’m hopeful. She may also still have another seizure as this may have to work itself out of her system.

But doing the acupuncture made me feel good because it is helping balance her back out again. We are going back in two-three weeks for a follow up appointment and another acupuncture treatment.

I also learned a technique called Tui-Na, which is Chinese massage. I’m looking forward to doing this for Gidget…and Kylie will benefit too.

She slept really good overnight – I didn’t hear a peep out of her! But then again, I slept pretty good too as I felt good about our appointment and what I learned.

Also, another thing I really appreciate is that I will receive a “report card” of everything we talked about and suggestions on how to move forward. It was a lot to take in yesterday so to have this record will be so helpful.

I will keep you posted.

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Wednesdays with the Wisdom of Dog: Short and Sweet

proud g

I am making this short and sweet today (pun intended!) as Miss Gidget and I are off for our 2-hour road trip shortly to see holistic vet, Dr. Andrea. It will be a full day of travel and consultation.

So today’s wisdom:  Live from the inside, out. In other words, listen to that beautiful, full, pumping heart of yours and follow it’s lead. Always.

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The Surface Movie, featuring Joie, My Beloved Dachshund, Coming to More Theaters

Joie on set of the movie

Joie on the set of the movie, “The Surface.”

Joie was only with me ten short months when I had to make the most humane decision for her and help her cross over.

But boy, did she leave a lasting impact. I would have never dreamed she’d play a part in a movie the week before I had to let her go.


If you believe in destiny, as I do, well, I believe this is why we found each other when we did. Along with the beautiful fact that she filled a void in my broken heart when I lost Frankie four months before.

Though the movie isn’t based on a dog in a wheelchair, it is based on a true story starring Sean Astin, Chris Mulkey and Mimi Rogers. One of the main characters, played by Chris Mulkey, had at one time, a dog in a wheelchair.

During one of the scene’s he has a flashback recalling a morning he was leaving for work. His young daughter and their dog in a wheelchair (played by Joie) helped see him off for the day.

It is a short scene and Joie is perhaps on the screen for about 15-20 seconds. There was a chance the scene would get cut. But it didn’t and I was thrilled when producer Jeff told me she made it in.

I still get goosebumps thinking about the experience and how proud I am that Joie is playing the part of a disabled dog who lives happily within a family.

Because it is an independent film it is still in the process of screenings, but now available in more cities/states. Hopefully soon it will be in all major theaters and when it is, I’ll be sure to post it here on my blog.

Check it out to see if it is playing near you now,The Surface Movie.

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