Skippy Runs his Final Race – a Tribute

Skippy Johnston Runs His Final Race - a Tribute.

A little dachshund with a huge spirit, Skippy Johnston, loved by so many, ran his final race to heaven yesterday.

The wheelchair dog community lost a very special little guy.  In a wheelchair for almost 12 of his 14 years he ran many races. But better than that, he spread such a positive message that being in a wheelchair was no excuse to not enjoy life.

Sadly, a mis-step he took left him with a broken neck and there was nothing that could be done. It was time for him to hop upon his chariot one last time and make his final trek to heaven.

He was so very brave to the end. His last note on his Facebook page filled with such an uplifting, positive spirit, I laughed and cried:

Thank you everyone who prayed for me! My miracle has come! My body is whole again! And the streets here may be paved with gold for you guys, but the dog paths are paved with bacon! And my toenails will never have to be trimmed, my glands never have to be expressed (that’ll be Heaven for Mom, too!) I love you all, and we’ll meet again one day! Love for eternity, Skippy J.”

Tears fill my eyes once again as I write this post. Skippy or as he was also called, Skipster, was just that special. He brought so much joy to so many.

I’ll never forget a week after my Frankie passed away and Skippy ran a race in her honor. I like to think of Skippy and Frankie now in heaven together, meeting for the first time, sharing some pretty darn good stories together, tails wagging, and eating all the bacon they want….with a side of green beans for Skippy as those were his favorite.


I’ll say again, dogs just die way too soon – it never seems fair. But I know they’d not want us to grieve for too long – but to go on loving more dogs, expanding our hearts – and being happy.

Skippy was the happiest little fellow and I just know he wants us to smile when we think of him.  And it’s truly hard not to smile when you look at photos of Skippy because his charisma and charm were truly bigger than life.

Please hold Skippy’s mom, Angela in your heart as she learns to move through her days in a new way without her beloved Skippy. She was Skippy’s angel and now Skippy will watch over her until they meet again someday.

We will never forget you, Skippy J. Never.

skippy 1

skippy 2

skippy 3

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Laughter and Love Notes

Laughter and Love Notes

I was 15 when I fell head-over-heals in love with John. He was 19. I can only imagine how I likely made my parents nervous when I began dating John being that our age spread was what seemed awkward then.

But it all worked out. Over 30 years later we are still together. It was his adorable smile, blue eyes, and hair that hung just a bit over his collar that made me swoon.

As I got to know him it was his sense of humor that made me fall even deeper in love. This guy can make me laugh. And smile.

Like today, when I got up and he was already off to the job site. But sitting on the kitchen table on the placemat where I sit to eat my breakfast was this silly drawing with my reader glasses.

Not like our love notes of our younger years, but it sure did make my heart swoon. It was the thought that he was thinking of me that touched me. And the image in my mind picturing how he likely looked putting this together.

And here I go again, falling in love all over again.




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BlueBell Gets New Lease on Life with Wheelchair (courtesy of the Frankie Wheelchair Fund)

bluebell 2

BlueBell found her way to Little Paws Dachshund Rescue who reached out to The Frankie Wheelchair Fund for funding for a wheelchair for her.

We were happy to help give BlueBell a new lease on life. This makes 42 dogs the fund has been able to help so far!

Melinda, BlueBell’s first foster mom said at first BlueBell didn’t care for the wheelchair. This can be typical, but usually in no time at all, they are off and running once they get the hang of it.

As it was for BlueBell too, and especially after she figured out she could chase cats!  Which she did at Melinda’s and now does at her new foster home also with Tiffanie.  Look at that little stinker after the cat- cracks me up.

bluebell after cat

I’m happy to say that it looks likely BlueBell will have a forever home as soon as her belly heals from her recent spay. An application came in for her that looks like a good match.

But if you are considering adopting a special needs dog, just wanted to let you know that Little Paws Dachshund Rescue has another dachshund in need of a home.  Meet Cinni and learn more about her on their website.


As always I want to thank each and everyone of you who have contributed and who continue to donate to The Frankie Wheelchair Fund. Without you, helping these paralyzed dogs wouldn’t be possible.  It takes a special community and I’m grateful for each and everyone of you who are helping me with your kind and generous donations in making the lives of these dogs better.

bluebell 1

To learn more about the custom-made wheelchairs please visit Eddie’s Wheels. This is the company I work with to have the wheelchairs made for each dog that is granted one through the Frankie Wheelchair Fund.

If you wish to support this worthy cause please consider a donation via our Go Fund Me campaign or directly via our website.

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