New Friends Visiting JoyfulPaws Writing Cottage

My New Friends Visiting Joyfulpaws Writing Cottage

I didn’t invite them. They just showed up.

Right outside my window, next to my desk where I write in my writing cottage.

Well, okay, I confess. It might have something to do with the fact I put out a new bird feeder. One I got from a friend for my birthday.

But ah-hem that is the operative word here, isn’t it?  Bird?

This is one funny looking bird – but he sure is adorable. He was holding on for dear life in this photo above as he contemplated his next move – and I contemplated my s-l-o-w move of reaching behind me to grab my good camera to get the shot.

A little over a week ago this fella below showed up almost immediately after I put the feeder out (mind you I hadn’t seen one in my yard all summer!).

squirrel on feeder

My friend saw the photo I placed on Facebook and said I should immediately take the bird food out and replace with a plant.

I just hadn’t the heart. These little ones need to eat too.

Besides, I sure do love the company and they make me smile every time I see them hanging outside my window.

I didn’t invite them. But I’m sure glad they showed up. My new friends. I love them.

Thank you for visiting!

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