A Promise in Everything

A Promise in Everything

We are in for a cold snap again next week. Time to stack more wood in the living room for our wood burning stove. It’s not a task I particular like, but I love the reward of a glowing, cozy, warm fire on a chilly winters night.

Usually I stack the wood with bare hands. But today I remembered  a gift I got this Christmas. A gift that touched me because of the thought behind it. These leather gloves from my best friend, Sistah V. When I unwrapped them a few weeks ago, she said, “I thought you could use these when you help with the donkeys this spring.”

It meant so much to me because Sistah V knows how much this new volunteer role means to me and my love of donkeys. Something so simple that said so much.

And I realized today they’d come in handy for stacking wood. As I did so, I came across a log with a leaf still hanging on from the fall.

A reminder that there is a promise in everything. A promise that fall, my favorite season, will come again. And a promise that this year it will be even more enriching spending time with miniature donkeys at LaValley Equine Sanctuary.

Sometimes I just shake my head at something so simple like stacking wood today, whirled me into this world of promise. How life happens that way and how it makes me smile all the way to my toes.

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Moving into the New Year with Ritual. I Invite You to Join Me.

Moving into the New Year with Ritual. I Invite You to Join Me.

Christmas Eve morning I awoke around 4:30am. I couldn’t go back to sleep. My SoulCollage® cards which I keep out in my writing cottage were calling to me.

I decided to follow the impulse. A half hour later I had lit a candle, had meditative music playing, and got out my box of over fifty SoulCollage® cards I’ve made since November 2014.

Past, Present, and Future was what felt right to me in picking three cards – one to represent each as a way of helping me to begin to move into 2017 which is just hours away now.

The first card I chose at random to represent past was my “Window to my soul” card which you see on the far left. The next card to represent the present is my “Ballerina/Horse” card and the last card to represent future is my “Follow your light” card.

I sat with the past card, “Window to my soul” first and thought about it’s meaning for me at this time in my life. This is what I journaled:

I am one who for the past thirteen years has been working diligently on the whispers of my soul. This has prepared me for the new work I’m stepping into.

Next I meditated on the present with “Ballerina/Horse” card:

I am one who feels taller and more confident than ever before. When I look in the mirror I like who I see and who I have become. Horse reminds me that I did the deep inner work to heal a long held wound. I now can hold my head high and dance. Horse reminds me to prance out into the world and bring my gift to others.

Lastly I tapped into the message for the future with “Follow your light” card:

I am one who reminds you that the light within you is a gift I (I being Frankie, my dog) helped bring forth in you. I’m here to remind you to never let that light dim. Use it to help ignite the light in others. Follow your own north star and the light within you will magnify out to the stars ten-fold. I am here to also remind you to not be afraid as my spirit is now one with you for eternity.

To continue a ritual that I’m feeling as sacred and true, I’m planning to choose an animal card from the Animal Wisdom Tarot card deck to serve as a guide for 2017 and an angel card to do the same, which I’ll do this evening. I’ll share those with you tomorrow.

I will be making copies of these cards, plus my SoulCollage® cards, and putting them in a visible spot my writing cottage. It will be my reminder of this special ritual and what it means for me as I move with more conscious awareness of how intuition and following my heart into 2017 will serve as the best way in which to continue to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

If you have SoulCollage® cards, Oracle, or Tarot cards I invite you to do the same. Should you not, a suggestion would be to find a favorite magazine, hold your hand on it, eyes closed in meditation for as long as feels right to you, and perhaps posing a question on something you wish for guidance on in the New Year. When it feels right, open your eyes, and randomly open to a page in the magazine. Then work with really tuning into that image that appears and listening to what the message that image has for you. Don’t second guess yourself. Go with what immediately comes to mind and start writing it down.

I’d love to know what transpires for you, so please do leave a comment in the comment section, or feel free to email me.

I’ll be facilitating a workshop in my home studio, Joyful Pause, on Saturday, January 14th, Intuitively Creating your New Year, working with images in collaging and journling with the SoulCollage® process.  I’d love for you to join us! The class is half-full and I only have room for five more. If interested, register soon here.  

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Not Defining My Worth by a Number on a Scale

Not Defining My Worth by a Number on a Scale
artwork by Kaya Singer

It’s that time of year again. Ads popping up left and right about losing weight and getting in shape. 

Then this morning on Facebook I saw someone posted a weight chart which states what you should weigh. I know the person meant well, but I felt compelled to comment. I said, “I stopped weighing myself years ago and basing my life on a number. These days I tune into my body and pay attention to how I feel. It works much better for me.”

I wrote about my battle with being “skinny enough” in my first memoir sharing how it all began when a guy told me that if I just lost a few pounds I’d be prettier. I took his word. Stupid. I know that now.

But that started a cycle of working out seven days a week, sometimes twice if I felt I’d indulged too much. And of course, back then there was the whole fat free trend (what were we thinking?!). My whole day and my attitude hinged on if I worked out or not and if I ate something I wasn’t supposed to. If I didn’t work out and ate something that was considered a no-no it’s all I thought about all day. All the mean things that went round and round like a loop in my head. It. was. insane.

While I know the person posting the weight chart meant well, it set off a spark in me. A part of me was just going to let it go and not say anything. But then I thought about so many still caught up in the insanity of this. I felt I had to chime in.  

Now don’t get me wrong. Obesity is sadly a real thing in our world. But I feel we have to come to a place of being healthy based on mind, body and spirit – not based on if we fit the magazine idea of “skinny” or how we should look, or for that matter a number on a weight chart.

I work out 5-6 times a week and eat for the most part, what I consider pretty healthy. My weight didn’t fall in the “correct” category on the chart.  I only knew this because I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and was weighed, because as I said, I don’t weigh myself anymore.

For a brief time after that doctor visit I went down the path of basing myself on that number on the scale. Luckily, I didn’t stay there for too long. I know better now. I’m also a work in progress and have my moments. And I guess it’s why I felt called to add my two cents to the post about the chart about weight and write this post.  Too often it stops, especially women, I feel, from living to their fullest potential because they spend so much time and energy comparing themselves to others and to a number on a chart. I know, because I did this constantly.

As I head to my mid-50s things are moving and shifting. I’ll never be the body I was when I was in my 20s, 30s and even 40s. Is this hard at times?  Yes, it is. But that’s why I continue to work on addressing all the many layers of myself and giving thought to why this pops up as an issue for me sometimes.

I’m grateful I don’t stay in that negative space for too long. And honestly, I love so much more how my mind is much kinder to myself these days. How I’ve blossomed more into accepting myself as I am. How there are so much more important things to be spending my energy and thoughts on, which have led me to this much more sane place within myself.

Peace with ourselves begins within. And it’s my wish and hope for each of us to be as close to that peace within as possible before we leave this planet. It really is true that it is a journey…each step we take, if we take it in more conscious awareness can lead us to that still, quiet, peaceful place within.

Artwork above by Kaya Singer. I chose it for this blog post because she titled it: Crone Woman of Peace

My core focus is about BEINGness which means being who you are authentically, in your real circle, in a balanced and actualized way, with your strong voice, willing to face the unhealed parts of yourself that hold you back.

From a place of standing in a mindful place and connecting with your own wisdom and wildness, the clouds part and the light of your own inner knowing shows up, along with the support of your real mentors, people who will walk that path with you and keep you from getting lost in the woods and forgetting your way.

Your first true mentor is your own soul partner, your Wise Woman who lives in the center of your circle. She is all-knowing and is always there waiting in the shadows of your Doingness.  ~Kaya Singer author of Wiser and Wilder

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