Hawk: Life in Perspective

Hawk: Life in Perspective

The hawk. I always think of respect and honor when I see one. They just seem so majestic. 

This photo I took of a hawk right outside my living room window sitting in our locust tree right off our deck. I see them on occasion here in our tree in the winter months. In the summer I’m extra cautious of their whereabouts because of little Gidget. I know they could easily carry her away.

So respect and honor, that is it. I’m reminded that they are part of nature, trying to survive just as this one is on the look out for a bite to eat on this cold February day.

And this from the Druid Animal Oracle Deck:

HAWK:  brings the ability to see your life in perspective, to free you of unnecessary “baggage” and to connect you to your ancestral roots. See if you can take some time out of your daily routine to survey your life calmly and to see events in context. The Hawk can help you to recollect the missing pieces of the jigsaw you will be trying to assemble and he will help, too, to spot the details which are significant. When you have a sense of your roots and of the breadth of your life, you will start to feel pride and a growing sense of nobility and stature. Once you know where you have come from and where you are going, your life will be filled with inspiration and enthusiasm, you will sense a new day dawning, and you will be able to make decisions with confidence.

The last sentence really resonated with me… as this new day of dawning, for me personally, has been coming for a long time with my expanded work in the world of facilitating workshops. And yes, I feel more confidence around that than I did in a long time. And I understand the paths taken before helped lead me here. I’ve arrived just on time.  🙂

Thank you, Hawk, for the reminder!

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