I Never Feel Alone. Come Meet All My Special Friends.

I Never Feel Alone. Come Meet All My Special Friends.

It’s been twelve years since I set out to live my life by my own definition. First leaving the corporate world, then working part-time for two construction companies, to now being solely on my own in my work. I craved more time alone, silence, and a slower pace.

While I ebb and flow with a slower pace I’m definitely more aware of when I need to step back, re-group, and honor what I need.

My Zen writing cottage where I spend 6-8 hours a day in, which many of you know is a 10 x 12 space twelve steps from my bedroom patio doors, is a sanctuary for my soul and dreams.

While some may think it gets lonely, and yes, there are times I need to be around others – especially those that are like-minded and help feed my soul – I realized today that I’m really never alone.

I never have been. With spring just around the corner the bird activity has picked up quite a bit around here. Wings are a-fluttering and songs are being sung right outside my writing cottage windows.

Just this morning I refilled the bird bath, which sits right outside my screen door and which I can view from my desk. Within five minutes there were yellow  and red finches sitting around the rim – the first I’ve seen of them since last summer!  Next came a Robin who had been waiting patiently for his turn in a tree nearby. 

Nuthatches and Juncos have been increasing in abundance also. And then there are my Woodpecker friends that are coming more often to feed from the suet feeder that sits right outside my window on the west side of my cottage.

Such a spring to life right outside my windows today that I feel surrounded by so much love! Nature, so healing for the soul even when viewed from the inside, out. 

It’s resting in these moments of simple joys and consciously inviting them into our hearts that fill us with a magic that nothing else can seem to do.

And just as I come to the end of writing this post dear Mrs. Cardinal drinks from the bird bath. But the ever cautious bird they are, she quickly flew away the moment I lifted my camera to try and capture her through the lens.

But, oh what a glorious few moments of mindful meditation I just experienced because of my feathered friends! And while I’m finding it challenging to return to my workshop project, I rest in happiness that I am never alone.

Namaste my dear bird friends, Namaste. 

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