No Longer a Thrift Store Snob

No Longer a Thrift Store Snob
Me and G – Happy Spring!

I posted this picture as my profile photo and within minutes I had several likes and comments – guess it is a hit – and it prompted me to write about my hat and where I got it.

I almost didn’t buy the hat. I was at the check-out counter at St. Vincent De Paul’s the other day where I saw it as I went to buy my some other items. I picked it up once. Then put it back. I love hats, but sometimes feel funny wearing one.

But that hat was determined to go home with me…I swore I heard it calling out to me. Just as the clerk rang in the last item I bought, I quickly grabbed the hat and put it on the counter. 

I’m glad I did. If I wear it once it certainly didn’t break the bank at $4.49. But I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it often. I adore it!

And to think I used to be a thrift store snob. I wouldn’t have been caught dead in one when I was in my 20s and 30s. But then in my late 30s, feeling like something was missing in my life, I began to think about what a meaningful and creative life would look like for me.

I no longer wanted to be in the corporate world. I wanted more freedom. I wanted to explore what it was that would make me happy and bring me more joy.

This meant making different choices because my income was no longer what it was. I admit that I do love clothes and I like to look nice. So now instead of purchasing three items that would cost on average of $75 or higher at a department store I normally walk out of a thrift store with a bagful for about $30.  In fact, I bought three cute tops, a pair of shoes, and this hat for $27 and some odd change.

My taste in clothes have changed too. Oh, how I used to love all the designer brands. But these days there are just so many others things in life that are important and mean more to me. 

So I’m glad I bought the hat…and I’m really glad I’m no longer a thrift store snob.

As for Miss Gidget, I don’t believe she has quite the fondness for hats as I do, but lucky for me she humors me and puts up with it.

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  1. The most important thing in life is be who you are not caring of what the world think about you. Live freely and feel pleased with things that make you happy regardless of brand or style!! Gidget looks awesome with her own hat.

  2. I love the hat! I bought on at our Humane Society thrift shop. I wear it all of the time. I wore it in Florida and had people wanting to buy it from me and scoring the Internet for one like it.

  3. I totally hear you sistah!! I was the same way and now I love nothing more than going to St. Vinnies or a consignment shop and scouring the racks! What a great feeling when we score a great deal! BTW, I love the hat!! 😉

    1. Hey, Lori! Yay on another thrift store girl! Isn’t funny that we both went to tech college for fashion merchandising and here we now love thrift stores. At least now we can get our clothing fix without spending so much! 😉

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