The Soul of A Dog

The Soul of A Dog

I know some may question if a dog really does have a soul. But I just can’t imagine that they don’t. And at times if you are lucky, you can catch it on camera.

Such is this photo of my Lab, Kylie. She is now 11 1/2 years old but looking at this picture I see a younger version of her. I also see this undeniable beautiful light emanating from her, as if it is her soul coming right through her whole being. I feel as if I’m seeing the true essence of her.

While my analytical mind can come up with words to try and describe what I’m seeing, it’s truly not the point. It’s what I feel at the depth of my soul that I know in my heart that I am seeing the soul of my girl, Kylie. It’s a feeling that is so deep, so rich, so true, that there just aren’t adequate words. You just know without a shadow of a doubt in your own being that this feeling is true and real.

While some may say perhaps this is a projection, that is fine. But for me, I won’t deny what it is I am feeling in this most glorious moment of catching what I believe is Kylie’s soul through the lens of my camera. And I have so much gratitude for being witness to this…and it’s something I never want to forget.

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