Not Missing a Beat

Not Missing a Beat

If you’ve ever lived with a dachshund, you know that they live to make sure you never make a move without them. Even if that means disrupting their beloved time burrowed under the blanket and popping up to sport a temporary dreadlocks look.

Some day’s I only have to move slightly in my chair as way of getting comfortable with no plans what-so-ever of getting up, but Miss Gidget has to be sure as she does her quick scuddle to the surface from below to make sure she isn’t missing out on anything.

Sometimes Gidget reminds me of Gladys Kravitz from the 1970’s program, Bewitched, as she has to know what is going on at all times within our household.

And one of those things that glaringly leaves such an empty space when they move on to the other side. And how you find yourself moving as you did when you had a dachshund, or any dog, or animal for that matter. While we think it is they who should adjust to our lives, we find how we’ve adjusted to make sure they are enjoying the utmost of comfort.

While sometimes it tests my patience that I can’t make a move without my little “dachsling” needing to be at my side, I remind myself to treasure each precious moment.

And today, such a day when I got up from my chair, and she scurried to the surface from her place of rest, with her silly dreadlocks look that my heart melt for the love of her devotion.

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  1. My life is definitely different since my sweet Dachsie, Hummel, left two years ago . It’s definitely emptier . I couldn’t bring myself to get another Dachsie so I got a cat! I must say that for a cat he’s pretty affectionate and I find myself treating him like a dog . He doesn’t seem to mind that though .
    Three times since Hummel left I have felt that he Is still here. Once I even saw his little black butt pass behind one of my cabinets . I thought it was my cat but he was over by the window. So I know that he is okay now, not in his cart anymore, and he’s running free. I’m so glad that he comes back to visit.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you have another animal friend to love! They sure are such amazing healers. And I LOVE that Hummel still visits with you from time to time – what a sacred, beautiful connection to have and treasure.

  2. Hi Barbara,
    So very true! I thought I was reading about my own Sambo today. 🙂
    I like Gidget’s purple dreadlocks.

    1. Thank you, Monkia – glad you enjoyed “dachsling” as much as I enjoyed coming up with it. It was inspired by my mom and her three ducklings which are me and my siblings. My doxie’s have definitely been like little ducklings always at my side, so “dachsling” feels quite fitting. 🙂

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