When Shift Happens. An Update on Where I’ve Been.

My dear and loyal blog readers,

Happy Fall Equinox!

I’ve been feeling a bit guilty as I’ve not posted as much lately so I wanted to touch base with you.

As I shared with you earlier this summer in June, I began a 22-week online course called The Magic of You. I’ve been growing and expanding deeper into who I wish to be and really, who I already am, and this has opened up some wonderful shifts for me.

So yes, “Shift happens.”  🙂 We are truly all a work in progress!

I’m very excited about where my expanding path is taking me and how I want be of service to women searching for purpose, feeling stuck, or wanting to connect more deeply with that ‘something more.’ 

As The Magic of You class winds down in late October, I’ve made the commitment to go even deeper into my own personal mastery with another intensive 7-week program that begins the second week of October.  It is something I’m really feeling called to do and feels very much in alignment. It’s my greatest hope to take what I learn and to be of service in helping other women to do the same, and live an empowered and meaningful life.

When I look back on all my work with Frankie from 2007-2012, my sweet dachshund who lived life to the fullest in a wheelchair, and our mission we accomplished together, I could actually see in my minds eye that this new work I’m gearing up for is what I was being led to. And so now here I am.

It requires much of my energy and I’m dedicated to working on more of my own personal mastery so that I can be in service to other women soon.

Soooo…what this means is that I may not be posting much here to my blog until later October/early November. I may post if I feel spirit calls me to do so…but like I did in Fall of 2013, and I wrote about in my memoir, Wisdom Found in the Pause – Joie’s Gift it is time for me to once again step back for a time being so that I can make this personal commitment.

I will still be sending out a newsletter (which is separate from my blog posts) so if you’d like to keep in touch, please do sign up for it here. I’d welcome having you as a subscriber and part of my community in this way also!

If you’d like a sneak peek at what I’m up to you can also check out the following pages of my website which have been updated (and continue to be tweaked!):

Home page

Intuitive Oracle Guidance Readings

About page

I truly appreciate each and every one of you for being here and walking this journey with me!  It means so much!