Gidget Connecting with the Spirit of Kylie?

Gidget Connecting with the Spirit of Kylie?

It’s a curious thing. To observe Miss Gidget doing something she’d not done while Kylie was here.

I must admit that I feel more in tune with Gidget these days since Kylie passed on. While in some ways I’d love a house full of dogs, I am enjoying this more intimate one to one experience. We have no plans to bring another dog into our life and likely will be a one dog household from now on for various reasons.

My attention span is no longer split between two dogs, and noticing Gidget more is having its fun side, along with peaking my curiosity about certain aspects.

Such as the times I’ve witnessed her lying on the rug between our living room and kitchen. It was a place that Kylie often laid. What is interesting about that is when Kylie hung out in that spot we’d often have to squeeze by her, because we didn’t want to disturb her, of course. 🙂

But also interesting as it was something Kylie had only begun doing about the last year or two of her life. Why she chose to lay in that spot often, I’m not quite sure. 

It wasn’t a place I’d find Gidget even when Kylie was elsewhere, but now I find her there often. While Kylie was still alive and just in the last year, we’d often find both of them snuggled in Kylie’s kennel. Something they’d not done the previous three years since Gidget had come into our life.

But I do think that perhaps they were communicating in their own special way and I do believe that they both knew Kylie would be moving on soon. It was such a special thing to witness—deepening their bond which always warmed my heart to observe.

So now Gidget takes up residence often on the rug where Kylie often was. Perhaps she feels connected to Kylie there. Perhaps Kylie’s spirit is there. Of course, I can’t say for sure. But it brings me comfort to know that maybe it’s Gidget’s way in which she is still connected with sweet Kylie.

And then there is Kylie’s huge kennel that resides in our kitchen. I just couldn’t part with that either, as Gidget enjoys that as her safe place when we are gone. So much for the idea of tiny house living – she’s a big mansion type of gal I guess!



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  1. Good Morning, Barbara.
    We had a similar experience several years ago. When Chardonnay (Spaniel/ dachshund mix) passed away, Chablis, our yellow lab mix did something strange. She took Chardonnay’s Red Ball to bed every night for around six months. She would never touch this ball while Chardonnay was alive. Since the day Chardonnay passed away, Chablis takes this ball at bed time and cuddles up with it all night until morning. Chardonnay would never let Chablis touch this red ball when she was alive.

  2. what you said about kylie special spot reminds me of lily.
    when we are up moving around lily likes to lie in the middle of the road as we call it where we are passing back and forth. stepping over..around..squeezing past her takes some careful doing because she has very long fur. we call her our fluffy lumpy rug. lol.
    we don’t mind. it’s her way of being close to us.
    what is hilarious is watching the cats jump over her to get passed her and lily just ignores them.
    perhaps lying where the smell of kylie is still strong is helping gidget heart heal. the photo of gidget staring off into space..i wonder what memories she is remembering.

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