What I’m Giving Up to Write a New Book

What I'm Giving Up to Write a New Book
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What I’m giving up to write a new book is something I never thought I would. What I’m giving up is this notion that there is a right, or wrong way for that matter, to write a book.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much time I’ve spent in the past reading and listening to the “how to’s” from the industry and also from other writers and authors, and their process. Telling myself that if I just did it their way it was what I needed to do, instead of opening to what was right for me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy hearing about the craft of writing and other’s process. But now when I do, I hear it more as oh, that’s cool, and it’s inspiring to know other’s like me are out there following their creativity.

I’ve come to realize so much of this trying to figure out how something should perhaps be done was just my own lack of trust in myself, tied to my own need to feel worthy. Have you ever felt that in your life? This need to prove your worthiness?

At times, it has been quite painful to be in this place of feeling not good enough. That the way someone else does or did something is viewed as better.

I’ve had the thought of writing another book for close to two months now. Before that it wasn’t anywhere on my conscious radar. At times, I didn’t even think there was another book in me.

But today I began and wrote 2,365 words. And I’ll be honest, part of it came from two blog posts I wrote last year. 

This morning as part of my process not only for writing, but for the benefit of my life really, I’ve started a new experiment with my meditation practice. Normally I listen to a guided meditation or to music. But I’ve decided to just sit in silence. My goal today, a big one, as I wanted to try and meditate for one hour. I’ve never done that before and the longest has been thirty minutes.

But I am curious about what it is I might discover if I just learn to be with me more. Now I realize for many that sounds scary. It was for me too in some ways. And I’ll admit, the first couple of minutes felt almost like torture. I wanted to wiggle right out of my chair! But I opened to the uncomfortable. Pretty soon my shoulders dropped back down from around my ears and the butterflies in my stomach found a place to rest, and I heard myself taking these welcoming, deep breaths. It felt so good.

In that space, though I didn’t make it an hour, and sat for forty five minutes as I had to go to the bathroom… Okay, maybe too much information here, but I just had to go. ๐Ÿ™‚  At any rate, it was in that space that it came to me how to begin my book. I’d been searching for a way in, that first line of a book that would start to carry me to the next and would begin the momentum.

The reality is that my process really began quite sometime ago, though I didn’t realize it then. But it’s been in the experience and growth I’ve had the last four years that has brought me here.

Then over two months ago when that idea of perhaps there might be another book in my future, it didn’t begin with the actual sitting my butt in my chair and clicking away on the keyboard. I just started to observe and capture thoughts that were coming to me (which I continue to do), keeping track of them on post it notes, or on paper, and then transferring them to Evernote.

Last week, a few times in the wee hours of the morning, I had more thoughts flowing. This weekend I realized it was time to just begin and made the decision it would be today. And so my experiment with sitting in silence in meditation to listen for what I might discover as the first line to begin…and it came. Now I’m not saying it will stick just as it is, but it was a start! And I welcomed it!

What I’m giving up to write a new book is to stay open to my process, however that will unfold. For now it’s a day-by- day process. I looked at my schedule of things to do this week and for now, added in two more one hour writing sessions. If more calls to me to do so, I will.

Part of my giving up also began when I recently wrote about my desire to give up my mindless scrolling of Facebook and how I didn’t even realize I was using it as a distraction. While I’ve decided to keep my personal profile page and will continue to link my blog posts there, it’s about as much as I will do with Facebook for now. It’s freed up an incredible amount of energy and I’m sure enjoying how this feels.

I’ve set no deadline for now on when this book will make it out into the world. I trust myself now that if it’s meant to be, I’ll keep writing. When I get stuck, I’ll honor that and do things such as walking or meditating to find my way back to the page.

I’m giving up everyone else’s process and the getting sucked into the “how-to” of industry standard. Instead, I’m embracing my own authentic path, which I have to say feels quite liberating and empowering. Yes!

Thanks for being here and reading!



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  1. Awesome! Barb. Just follow your heart and use all the lessons you’ve gathered over time, and you’ll succeed in anything you put your mind to. Good luck!!

  2. nearly had a heart attack over the title…no not the blog!!!
    anyways, that’s what happens I leap first then read your post after lol
    at myself.
    also sending encouraging cheers and many hugs.

    1. I’m so glad you didn’t have a heart attack, Alexa. I don’t anticipate I’ll take a break from my blog as I write this book – but will definitely honor what I feel is in my best interest. But so far, each feeds the other in a positive way and I’m truly enjoying the process. Cheers and hugs to you, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. So happy for you and this journey you are on! What caught my eye was the number of words that you wrote today was 2365. That number also represents the Pantone color of pink. When I looked it up this number not only did I find this color reference but I looked up the meaning of pink and here’s what it shows:

    ** The color pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others.**

    You have such a big heart and love for others which you convey in your writing, but on this journey you are following your inner guide (self love) and not the guide of others. I wish you the best on this new Journey.

  4. Barbara, thank you for these wonderful insights. I, too, use distractions to avoid working on my art. I don’t feel like an artist, especially when my friends are such wonderful artists themselves and I feel intimidated and not as good. I can’t do my art the same way and so feel inadequate. But as you’ve pointed out…..each of us has our own way, the way that feels right and leads us into that space where we are one with everything and fulfill our creative role in this universe. Thank you!

    1. You are so welcome, Patricia. I’m glad it helped. One thing I learned when I became a writer over thirteen years ago. I’m a writer because I write, because it is an expression of who I am – whether I publish my work or not. Just like you doing your art – it’s an expression of who you are, whether or not anyone ever sees it. So you, my friend, ARE an artist. ๐Ÿ™‚

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