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Gidget Connecting with the Spirit of Kylie?

Gidget Connecting with the Spirit of Kylie?

It’s a curious thing. To observe Miss Gidget doing something she’d not done while Kylie was here.

I must admit that I feel more in tune with Gidget these days since Kylie passed on. While in some ways I’d love a house full of dogs, I am enjoying this more intimate one to one experience. We have no plans to bring another dog into our life and likely will be a one dog household from now on for various reasons.

My attention span is no longer split between two dogs, and noticing Gidget more is having its fun side, along with peaking my curiosity about certain aspects.

Such as the times I’ve witnessed her lying on the rug between our living room and kitchen. It was a place that Kylie often laid. What is interesting about that is when Kylie hung out in that spot we’d often have to squeeze by her, because we didn’t want to disturb her, of course. 🙂

But also interesting as it was something Kylie had only begun doing about the last year or two of her life. Why she chose to lay in that spot often, I’m not quite sure. 

It wasn’t a place I’d find Gidget even when Kylie was elsewhere, but now I find her there often. While Kylie was still alive and just in the last year, we’d often find both of them snuggled in Kylie’s kennel. Something they’d not done the previous three years since Gidget had come into our life.

But I do think that perhaps they were communicating in their own special way and I do believe that they both knew Kylie would be moving on soon. It was such a special thing to witness—deepening their bond which always warmed my heart to observe.

So now Gidget takes up residence often on the rug where Kylie often was. Perhaps she feels connected to Kylie there. Perhaps Kylie’s spirit is there. Of course, I can’t say for sure. But it brings me comfort to know that maybe it’s Gidget’s way in which she is still connected with sweet Kylie.

And then there is Kylie’s huge kennel that resides in our kitchen. I just couldn’t part with that either, as Gidget enjoys that as her safe place when we are gone. So much for the idea of tiny house living – she’s a big mansion type of gal I guess!



Mr. Squirrel Had a Message for Me

Mr. Squirrel Had a Message for Me

Sitting at my desk in my writing cottage late yesterday afternoon I watched out the window as Mr. Squirrel climbed from the window box planter, up the birch branch I have as decoration, and scored some peanut butter I have smothered on a pine cone hanging from a nub of the branch.  Which, ah-hem, Mr. Squirrel, is supposed to be for the birds.

The next time I looked up, there he was looking in the window at me.  I glanced at the pine cone. It was empty. It didn’t take much to realize he had an important message for me:

Hey Lady!  I need more peanut butter!  Hurry!

This morning when I pulled up the blinds in my bedroom with a perfect view of my writing cottage there on the deck railing sat the empty pine cone.

Thanks Mr. Squirrel for going the extra mile to take the pine cone down for me to re-fill it.

I hear you loud and clear!  But alas, you shall have to wait. I’m fresh out of peanut butter.


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Animal Communication is Real. Thank you Kuma the Cat.

I’ve certainly had signs from the other side of the veil from dogs in my life. And one that stays with me to this day as one of the most profound was when the shape of a water paw print appeared after the passing of my dachshund, Joie. I tell the story of this in my second memoir, Wisdom Found in the Pause – Joie’s GiftI’m still in awe for this gift she sent me just when I needed it most.

Photo of water paw print from Joie

This is a sign one can’t simply dismiss or explain away. Though that isn’t always the case.

At times I have my doubts about animal communication. Not that I don’t believe it isn’t real, because I absolutely do. It’s really my own lack of self-confidence that can get in the way.

But a little over a week ago I got a huge boost of confidence in animal communication. I’d gone to a small shop in our town, “Two Fish Gallery” to pick up a gift for my mom. It’s my favorite shop in our small village.

For years they had a darling white and gray cat named Snarky. He was almost always around to greet the shoppers and also loved to sit in the sun in their colorful and beautiful gardens that surround the shop. But then he passed away about three years ago.

To set the background a bit here, I was in the shop this past spring and also right before Christmas. While there I hadn’t given thought to whether or not they’d gotten a new cat or not. But when I was in there recently, looking for a specific item to buy my mom, I silently wondered to myself if the owners had gotten a new cat.

I was standing at the counter where you check out, looking through a basket of fabric animals as I continued to wonder if they had a new cat. I then thought that if they did get a new cat I’d sure like to meet him or her.

Just then I looked up and past Pat the store owner who was sitting on a stool behind the counter, peering into what is part of their home as the shop is in front, and down the stairs came a cat!

I said quite excitedly, “You did get a new cat!” 

Pat said, “Yes, we’ve had him for about two years now. His name is Kuma which means Bear in Japanese.

Well Kuma, the caramel and black Siamese cat, glided every so beautifully toward Pat, by-passed him and came from around the counter and right over to me where he proceeded to rub his sweet self up against my legs.

I didn’t get a photo of Kuma, but this is a likeness – though Kuma is slimmer.

Now even more excited I said, “He heard me!”

Pat tried to dismiss it as just that Kuma is friendly, not really understanding what I was trying to convey as I explained how I just had thoughts moments before wondering if they had a new cat and how I’d love to meet him or her.

But I know Kuma heard me. All of the electric feelings vibrating through me couldn’t be denied. I wasn’t going to try to convince Pat and just decided to enjoy the moment in all its divine glory.

I knelt down by Kuma petting him and talking with him. Pat told me he loves to be picked up and I could hold him if I wanted.

Oh boy, did I!  He was just so adorable and handsome. When I picked him up, his deeply intense azure eyes looked right into mine. I wanted to take him home right there and then. I was smitten!

I said, “You heard me, didn’t you?” and he purred and purred.

I hated to leave that day as it was such a wonderful experience. But to seal the deal of our new friendship, Kuma walked me to the door…and right into my heart.

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