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The Sleeping Dog Carries Powerful Message

The Sleeping Dog Carries Powerful Message

Watching Kylie sleep has become more precious to me as she is into her senior years now. She will be ten next month.

Oftentimes I hear her snoring and can’t help but to just stop and watch her.

In those moments, I often find myself recalling the trip to Tennessee to bring her home from a breeder. I see in my mind’s eye the winding road we traveled, coming upon a run down trailer where the breeder lived and having second thoughts, and almost turning around and leaving.

But we had come so far. I couldn’t leave her behind. And it turned out the dog’s were well taken care of. The kennels clean, the dog’s appearing healthy and happy.

How she was just this chunk of pure love I held in my arms and my heart instantly flooded with love again after the loss of my chocolate Lab Cassie Jo a few months before.

Kylie swept right in and filled the void. A new love was in bloom.

I try not to think about her last breath that will come some day. Now closer than when she was a wee little pup.

Instead I focus on the joy it is to take care of her, to love her, to hug her, to be in this older stage of life with her.

This slowing down, taking in each moment with more awareness of what matters. This is a gift she gives to me each day.

The gift of her frosted face, her gentle spirit, and her powerful message that there is dignity and grace in being a divine old dog.

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Reflection of Love

Reflection of LoveThis morning I grabbed my camera and stepped outside to take a picture of some flowers.

When I turned around to head back in there was Kylie looking so adorably sweet that I just had to catch her loving spirit.

I love how you can see the inside and outside in this reflective photo. But what I love most is how I can’t help but get lost in the deep, soulful eyes of one of the most magnanimous, loving creatures I’ve ever known.

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The Traveling Weenie and a Giveaway

traveling gThis past weekend we took a little road trip to Sister Bay, WI – in the heart of Door County – our friend, Cassy, John, Lil’ G and I hit the road as the the autumn colors whirled by us traveling north.

I didn’t know how Gidget would do traveling and I tried hard not to worry too much. One thing I’ve learned having had Frankie is to go with the flow and enjoy being in the moment. I’ve also learned that dogs sense our nervousness or apprehension. If I had a great time, Gidget would likely, too.

She did so well traveling with us.  To turn around every now and then to see her sweet face as we traveled down the highway, did my heart good. One of my greatest pleasures is that she is happy and content.

When we arrived late Friday night, Gidget checked out every inch of the condo we stayed at with her snout in full smell mode and then she settled in nicely. She even tolerated quite nicely staying in her kennel when we couldn’t take her with us.

One of her favorite things to do each morning was to settle into the sun spot in the room that we called the all season room. I told John we now need to build her her very own sun room. Ha!

gidget in DC

It’s truly the simple things that make life so grand. The colors of fall, time with two people I love dearly, laughter, great conversation, fun…and a traveling weenie.

And now for the giveaway!  My friend, Lisa, gave me a book she had finished reading called What the Animals Taught Me: Stories of Love and Healing from a Farm Animal Sanctuary by Stephanie Marohn. Lisa told me to pass the book onto someone when I was done and I thought it perfect to give away right her on my blog since many of you are such big animal lovers.


I loved every inch of this book and the cover makes me smile every time I look at it! In some ways it reminds me of my favorite author, Jon Katz and his blog, Bedlam Farm.

But this book left me appreciating all animals on an even deeper level than before…. and wishing even more that I could have a hobby farm. I also really believe this statement on Stephanie’s website:

“A shaman revealed that animals will be arriving more and more in the lives of humans—in dreams, as guides, in the news, everywhere—because they realize humans are in trouble and need the message they are here to tell.”

They are indeed our wake-up messengers and we must listen to what they are trying to tell us. I find myself in such a state of gratitude more and more for being open to what animals teach us – my life profoundly changed because of what I’ve learned through them.

Leave a comment of a lesson an animal has taught you that has changed how you look at life by midnight cst today. Tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 2) I will use to pick the person to receive this book.