When a Writer Dances

Celebration! from Barbara Techel on Vimeo.

I just had to do it.

Earlier this month my manuscript came back from my editor. When I made all the changes and updated areas that needed more attention, I sent it back to her for a final proofread. In my experience from the other books I’ve written, a proofread normally meant small tweaks.

But this time there were more changes and updates to be made which meant I felt more comfortable printing the whole manuscript out yet again and going through it line by line, word by word one. more. time. After reading my manuscript over and over, this is when it starts to feel rather tedious, and sometimes like torture.  But it’s how my brain works and how I work to feel comfortable before putting a book out into the world.

This process of writing this book has been an almost three year endeavor with many labor pains along the way. But when I got to the end of the manuscript yesterday, it was a whoosh! of many emotions that ran through me.

As I laid the last sheet of paper down on the table beside me where I’d been hunkered down in my over-sized wicker chair the last few days, the song “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang popped in my head, so I played it on Youtube… and this writer danced!

A dance of joy, a dance of accomplishment, a dance of perseverance, a dance of determination, a dance of gratefulness, a dance of celebration.

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How My ‘She Shed’ Helped Me Reach a Higher Calling- My TV Interview with CBS 58.

CBS 58

If you weren’t able to catch my interview on CBS 58 this morning, here it is as a replay.

My best friend, Victoria, called me this morning after she saw the interview. And what was lost on me for a moment, came into full view when she mentioned the fact that she was reminded of our friendship and the loss of my chocolate Lab, Cassie Jo, ten years ago when she caught the photo of her in the interview.

I wrote about Cassie Jo in a post yesterday. She was the one who inspired me to find the courage to look into my heart to discover I wanted to try my hand at writing….follow my heart…and see where it would take me.

The fact that this piece about my writing cottage, my writing, my books, my animal advocacy, and encouraging others to follow their hearts aired today, a decade later of some pretty pivotal moments in my life…. well, it would be hard to convince me that spirit is not working magic in my life.

It took me many years and lots of hard work on myself to come to a place of acceptance of who I am. I am proud of this story that Reporter Marshanna Hester & Photojournalist, Brian Urbanek, captured so beautifully….and I’m so grateful.

It truly is my hope that this will inspire other women to know it is more than okay to stop each day and find quiet and creativity for themselves.

Maybe a space of one’s own isn’t quite in the cards yet, but a dream for the future — but to find a way in which to honor yourself and your needs right now, in the way you can best fit it in at this time — this is my hope.

I truly believe that when we do, we are better for it — and that is what you take out into the world — and everyone around us benefits.

We all need to find a way to shine our inner light and I encourage you to shine yours starting today.

Calming the Restless Butterflies


The butterflies are restless today. They decided to take up residence the moment I awoke this morning. Fluttering about madly in my stomach.

I could fight back or try to soothe them. So I did my yoga practice with extra deep breathing. I also asked for guidance to do the very best job I can.

Tonight is the first in a three part series workshop I am teaching on Self-Publishing. I’ve never taught a class like this before — but I’ve certainly been through it with publishing my own children’s books and memoir.

I remember clearly trying to swim through the endless sea of information on this subject myself. Having spent countless hours and many e-courses I took on the subject. There is so much to learn.

While I think the workshop will get the participants off on the right foot, I hope it will also help them set a foundation for what is ahead. The publishing world continues to change and keeping up is a job in itself. But the rewards are great.

Most of all I want to encourage them to tell their stories and get their book out into the world. While I don’t know yet if and when I’ll have another book in me to write, I do know that the books I have written have changed my life for the better. I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to do so.

And so it is with my first session of talking self-publishing tonight. I step out once again, out of that zone of comfort, hoping I can make a difference in encouraging others to do the same.

And if the butterflies want to come along for the ride, well then, so be it. But I have a feeling once I get into talking tonight they will flutter off to sleep and all will be well.