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Giving Disabled Animals a Chance

Today while watching this video of a little paralyzed dachshund found in awful conditions had me overcome with happiness that he was found and has been given a second chance.

Of course, I couldn’t help but look at Ricky Bobby and think how much he looks like Gidget.  From as best as the rescue can guess that Gidget came from, they think she had two or three litters before she found her way to a woman who cared for her.  Who knows– Ricky Bobby could be one of her babies for all we know. Gidget was then given to an animal shelter because the woman couldn’t afford her any longer.  When she got to the shelter she was listed as having a back injury and that is when On My Way Home Dachshund Rescue took her in.  Just like Ricky Bobby, and countless others, Gidget has been given a second chance.

It’s too hard for me to think about those that don’t make it to those second chances. Like senior animals, pets with special needs are often hard to place into forever homes. But I continue to focus on the positive of those that do, and those that help.  Sharing this good news on my blog and social media is my way of helping the cause.

While I know taking care of a dog with disc disease is not for everyone, I can’t help but sharing again the many blessings I’ve had because of caring for them. While I had a difficult time when Joie passed so soon after adopting her, I have come to a place of peaceful understanding that Joie opened the door for me to love another.

It is the same in rescue and foster work.  It is never easy to say goodbye, but if we can find the courage to let our hearts love again, there is another waiting.  I hope for as long as I am on this planet I can love a special needs dog. It is one of my greatest rewards and joys.

The Mia Foundation: Giving Animals Born with Birth Defects a Fighting Chance (video)

I just learned about this wonderful foundation in Rochester, NY from a video, Facebook friend David sent to me.  Please do check out their website and join their facebook page.  But first grab a tissue and be ready to be very inspired. I sure was!!


Meet Bam Bam: Another Recipient of the Frankie Wheelchair Fund

bam bam 1Could he be any cuter?  Meet Bam Bam, the newest recipient to receive a wheelchair through the Frankie Wheelchair Fund. This fund, in memory of my wheelie dog, Frankie, provides wheelchairs to dogs with mobility issues. This makes 15 dogs the fund has been able to help thanks to our very generous donors! Thank you also to Eddie’s Wheels for working with us in helping us help these special dogs.

Please help me in sending all the best for Bam Bam and his wonderful mom, Cherice for giving him a wonderful life!

If you’d like to learn how you can contribute to the Frankie Wheelchair Fund or apply for financial assistance for a wheelchair, please visit National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day website.

Bam Bam says, “Have wheels and ball?  Me can run and play!”

bam bam 2