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Come Meet Sammy! Granted a Wheelchair from The Frankie Wheelchair Fund (and available for adoption!)

Come Meet Sammy! Granted a Wheelchair from The Frankie Wheelchair Fund (and available for adoption!)

Can you say cuteness overload? Sammy’s one ear cocked to the side really gets to my heart as it reminds me of how Gidget’s one ear does the same thing.  As if she has a wire in her ear!

I learned about Sammy from Sarah of The Smoothe Store, who was instrumental in helping raise funds this past September for The Frankie Wheelchair Fund- raising $3,500!  Woo hoo!

With the help of Sarah and money raised, we were able to help Sammy currently with Dachshund Rescue of South Florida with a wheelchair.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Sammy is oober happy in his brand new shiny wheels!  Seeing faces like Sammy just sends oodles of love to my heart.

And you can see just how fast he is in his wheels with this video on his foster mom Sandi’s Facebook page.

Want to bring Sammy into your life?  He is available for adoption!!

Stay tuned to meet Cricket soon!

Sammy’s wheelchair paid for courtesy of the Frankie Wheelchair Fund and custom made by Eddie’s Wheels for Pets.

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When One Door Closes…Being Open to the Gifts Behind the Next Door.

When One Door Closes Being Open to the Gifts Behind the Next Door.

I’ve been working just about everyday on the fourth draft of my new book, Wisdom Found in the Pause. It’s in part, about my second dog in a wheelchair, Joie, who I adopted from Oregon Dachshund Rescue in 2012.

Joie, while a beautiful gift in itself when I brought her home that fateful day in October three years ago, would be short-lived. But the lessons that continue to unveil themselves have been openings of deeper understanding and healing for me. So while the book is about Joie, it’s also about what I learned about myself after she passed.

I was mad when Joie died. Mad at God that I couldn’t have her in my life longer. I just couldn’t understand why she was called home so soon after I opened my heart wide open to love another.

A heart that was still tender from the loss of Frankie. It felt so unfair.

But as often happens from painful experiences, we don’t see the gifts or blessings until years later.

I see them continually as I work through finishing this book revisiting my life with Joie on the written page. But I also see the gifts in where I am heading in terms of new opportunities and new projects/ideas I’m investing my time in.

I also see it most clearly in the gift of Gidget. It flashed vividly through my mind again last night as she lay tucked under her blanket on her bed in the living room.

If Joie hadn’t passed away, I wouldn’t know Gidget. Each dog that has entered my life has changed me in different ways. Gidget is now doing this for me with lessons she is teaching me. Just like Joie did and Frankie and Cassie Jo before her.

Each sweet dog, a magnificent gift that I got to open my heart to and in return those gifts live on forever within me.

To hold onto grief or guilt because of their passing’s would serve no purpose. It would only shut down my heart and joy could never enter again.

It is in this awareness that I see their true beauty and that loving again is what they teach us so brilliantly. And that love is the answer.

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Nimby Receives Wheelchair from Frankie Wheelchair Fund. Now He Needs a Forever Home.

nimbyBecause of the generosity of others, Nimby is the newest (and 40th!) disabled dog, The Frankie Wheelchair Fund was able to donate a portion of the cost so Nimby could be mobile. As you can see, Nimby was born without front limbs.

And this is the first “front wheel drive” wheelchair we’ve helped with, so it is very exciting!

Nimby is currently being lovingly taken care of by The Fuzzy Pet Foundation located in CA. Even if you are not from that area, transportation is often available. Please email them at if you are interested in adopting Nimby. You can also find them on Facebook.

You may recall this is the same rescue where Darla the dachshund (a.k.a. Monkey Butt) was taken in and the Frankie Wheelchair Fund was also able to help her with a wheelchair. Darla now has a very loving family who fostered another dog in a wheelchair, Doolittle. And I just learned Doolittle has found his forever home, too!

So if Nimby would be a good fit for your family, please contact the Fuzzy Pet Foundation today – his wheels will come with him, so a family does not have the added expense of that. Win-Win-Win!

Nimby’s wheelchair custom made by Eddie’s Wheels– wheelchairs for pets.

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