George and Jane Jetson Have Landed in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

With the weather warming up nicely we are preparing for more guests during the spring and summer months. Winter can be a lonely time with very few visitors.

Saturday I spent the day preparing to welcome our guests. I brewed up a lovely, tasty concoction. I also purchased a pretty potted bright pink geranium for them to feast their eyes on when they arrived at our front door.

They were coming back to the Midwest from the South and if the weather cooperated it wouldn’t be too long before they arrived.  Since they don’t carry cellphones with them they were unable to let me know there estimated arrival time.

So I waited… and waited… and waited.  I sat with Frankie looking out the front door early Sunday morning, gazing out into the yard hoping to see or hear some sign that they had finally made it.

I grew impatient so called my Mom to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. As I was expressing my concern to her (still looking out the front door) that my special little visitors had not yet arrived, it was as if by magic, Jane zoomed right up and made herself right at home…. she perched her delicate  little self atop the red metal flower holding the special nectar I had made just for her and George.  Later that day George finally arrived. He wouldn’t ask for directions so had gotten lost along the way. Jane just shook her head.

Yup, George and Jane Jetson are the yearly hummingbirds who flit in and out all summer long, drinking to their hearts content (sometimes we even join them) ha!  The Jetson’s was one of my and John’s favorite cartoons when we were young so it seemed fitting to call our little feathered friends George and Jane. We love to sit in awe of them as they zoom in and out and all about. This is one of my many moments I call Joyful Paws.