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On the Importance of A Sense of Place

While I’ve put my book writing on hold as I’ve been exploring and facilitating workshops, I do believe there is at least one more book in me. Though I’m not sure when I will write another one, but trust that when the time is right it will happen.

It doesn’t mean that thoughts aren’t tickling my brain about it. A title I had in mind is ‘A Sense of Place.’ In doing a search on Amazon recently, I see that title is taken. But perhaps I can have a different sub-title. See? Told you I’ve been having thoughts tickling my brain!

This morning I was up early to beat the heat of the day and get sections of our landscape watered, as well as get in my Yoga practice and meditation in inside my writing cottage. While I have air conditioning in my cottage, it’s noisy so I try to hold off as long as I can before firing it up.

Early morning is probably my most favorite time out here in my special space. And it was really singing to my heart his morning as the sprinkler sent cascades of water down the west windows, the birds were chirping, and a little breeze blew through the east windows.

The shades drawn on the east side to keep the sun out and help keep it cool always makes me feel as if I’m nesting. I love the sounds of summer as I’m tucked quietly within. As I sat in meditation I couldn’t help but be so grateful for this sense of place that grounds me and makes my heart feel home.

This sense of place that has allowed my dreams to expand because coming to this space each day I feel safe to explore my hopes and dreams.

While I know not everyone may be able to have a ten by twelve space such as mine that resides quaintly off the end of my deck, I believe with every fiber of my being that it is vital to find a sense of place to call your very own – a place where you can go to just be, dream, hope, connect, nest, renew and reflect.

Some have done this through pilgrimages or sitting by the sea, or walks in nature. There is no right or wrong way. It’s just finding what feels right to your soul and then finding time to just be within this space as often as possible.

It’s in this sense of place within my writing cottage that I’ve come to appreciate and value myself for who I am. 

And so again, this is the tickling of thoughts going through my mind of late, and wondering how this can turn into a book someday. So I’ll continue to dream about it and see where it may lead.

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Cheerful and Deep. Thank You, Kathryn.

Cheerful and Deep. Thank You, Kathryn.
My writing cottage – the space that supports my heart.

It occurred to me today as I began writing this post that I’ve been blogging for ten years now, having started in 2007.

When I first started, while I enjoy writing, there were times, I’ll be honest, it felt like a chore. I’d come to realize the reason for that was that I bought into the template of what I should do shared by those in the industry that set a specific standard for building an author platform. While that may work for some I often resisted, but was too afraid to follow my own inner guidance for fear no one would read my blog.

Oh, how I’ve grown!  The moment I let go of the should and surrendered to my own process, I’ve come to love coming to this place to share my thoughts, hopes and dreams. And I say a deeply, grateful thank you to each of you for having stayed with me on this journey.

I was reminded of all of this because of a lovely comment yesterday from reader, Kathryn who shared with me that she loves reading my blog and finds it “cheerful and deep.” It brought tears to my eyes and made my heart soar! Thank you, Kathryn!

I loved it and feel it truly represented what I hope my blog is for others — part of my mission is to be a positive face in the world while at the same time the more I come to understand about tuning in and listening to our hearts, I love sharing that deeper wisdom with you, too.

So thank you again, Kathryn. And thank you to all of you who are here. It means so much to me.

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Put on Your Winter Skin and Come Walk with Me

Put on Your Winter Skin and Come Walk with Me

The landscape now changed with winter upon us, it whispered to me to come out and capture it. At first I didn’t want to, pouting to myself that burrrr, it’s just too cold. But the whisper got louder with a promise that it would reward me if I just listened.

And then I heard this song play on Pandora which I’d never heard before… and so I put on my winter skin…. and captured the beauty of what this season has to offer. So listen along, in the cozy and comfy of your chair… and walk along with me in this photo gallery below of photos…

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