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It’s a Red Letter Day!

It's a Red Letter Day!

Perhaps you’ve heard of a red letter day?  I’d not heard of it until I started reading author Susan Branch’s books.

A red letter day is… a day that is pleasantly noteworthy or memorable.

I don’t know what makes for a red letter day for you, but this is what has made it a red letter day for me so far  today:

  • The sun is shining after about six days of cloudy and rainy weather. Yay!
  • Going for a walk on my lunch hour with Gidget we saw a mama and papa duck crossing the road with five yellow little ones waddling behind. Yay!
  • Passing the veterinarian in town a black lab and border collie were playing ball on their lunch hour. Yay!
  • The church bells were ringing. Yay!
  • Arriving home I found in my mailbox Jon Katz’ new book, Talking to Animals – How we can understand animals and they can understand you. Yay!
  • It was warm enough to eat my lunch outside on my deck. Yay!
  • Tonight date night at a restaurant on a lake that was closed for a little over a year, which we were so disappointed about – but it is now open again. Yay!

It really is the simple pleasures of life that make it a red letter day for me. And I hope wherever you are you are having a red letter day, too!

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Take Joy!…and Squeal with Delight!

Take Joy!...and Squeal with Delight!

The gloom of the world is but a shadow. Behind it, yet within our reach, is joy. Take Joy! ~Fra Giovanni

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but feel exuberant joy watching everything come to life with spring upon us.

Walking out my writing cottage door at lunch today, just after we had a soft rain, I squealed out loud, and said to Gidget who was tucked under my arm, “Oh look, Gidget!  The Willow Cherry tree has begun to blossom! I must get a picture.” 

In that moment I felt my love for Tasha Tudor bubble up again to the surface, imagining her delight in her exquisite garden that she too felt every spring.

This week in my newsletter which comes out on Sunday I wrote about the Wild Woman within each of us — Tasha was definitely the epitome of that!  She is one of my mentors because it is what I strive to continue to embrace more and more everyday…to walk to the beat of my own drum…

and to Take Joy! in all the simple pleasures life has to offer.

I recently learned of a Wisconsin Chapter for the Tasha Tudor Society. I was so excited to receive a response from the woman who organizes events in WI to celebrate Tasha Tudor letting me know I’m now added to her email list. I hope to attend an event in the near future!

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Tweets and Ribbets Abound at the Zen Writing Cottage

Tweets and Ribbets Abound at the Zen Writing Cottage

I’m so excited to share with you that the robin eggs have hatched!  These two fuzzies came into the world on Wednesday, June 23.  When I posted a photo of the eggs two weeks ago, there were four, but only two made it.

robin nest 2016

Their nest is right outside one of my windows in my writing cottage, so I see the mama coming and going all day as she takes care of her precious little ones. I also put up a short video of the little ones on my Facebook page if you want to check it out.


And the tree frogs are back too!  I just love these little guys (and gals!). They are like little surprises when you come upon them. They can be quite sneaky and all of a sudden, there they are. They always bring a smile to my face. Two summers ago we had two around almost the whole summer. I called them Mr. and Mrs. Green Jeans.  This little guy was on my front porch, while this little gal below joined me for lunch one day on the deck.

frog 2

Oh! How I love summer!  New life abounds and old friends have returned. And time to brew some sun tea!

sun tea

Well, friends, I hope your weekend is a good one and you experience many small and big joys as the summer days unfold.

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