In Disguise

In Disguise

Mr. Squirrel has been quite the entertainment for me this morning from the view out my writing cottage window. 

I first observed him slinking up the deck railing, almost appearing flat. At first I thought something was wrong with him and became concerned. But it could have to do with it being so windy out. I’m not sure.

But then when I opened the door to my cottage he took off running to the tree…and there he froze…blending right into the bark of the tree…well, sort of. Trying to be in disguise, but that wind swirled his tail around giving him away.

I had to chuckle quietly to myself while he stayed in that position for what seemed the longest time.

I know many think squirrels are a nuisance, but I really enjoy watching them.

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New Friends Visiting JoyfulPaws Writing Cottage

My New Friends Visiting Joyfulpaws Writing Cottage

I didn’t invite them. They just showed up.

Right outside my window, next to my desk where I write in my writing cottage.

Well, okay, I confess. It might have something to do with the fact I put out a new bird feeder. One I got from a friend for my birthday.

But ah-hem that is the operative word here, isn’t it?  Bird?

This is one funny looking bird – but he sure is adorable. He was holding on for dear life in this photo above as he contemplated his next move – and I contemplated my s-l-o-w move of reaching behind me to grab my good camera to get the shot.

A little over a week ago this fella below showed up almost immediately after I put the feeder out (mind you I hadn’t seen one in my yard all summer!).

squirrel on feeder

My friend saw the photo I placed on Facebook and said I should immediately take the bird food out and replace with a plant.

I just hadn’t the heart. These little ones need to eat too.

Besides, I sure do love the company and they make me smile every time I see them hanging outside my window.

I didn’t invite them. But I’m sure glad they showed up. My new friends. I love them.

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