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LOVE is the Light Within that Creates Lasting Peace

LOVE is the Light Within that Creates Lasting Peace

I know I’m not alone in sharing that I feel many emotions whirling around in me today. I’m working hard at not caving into fear. And it’s not about being on the “left” or “right” but truly wanting for all of us to stand united together…

I believe with all my heart that this chaotic and troubling time is begging us to each begin to dig deep….really deep…to love within—first and foremost for ourselves, because if you don’t love yourself it’s so easy to fall victim to the blaming and shaming of others. 

While I’m feeling so tired of all the negative, frightening, un-nerving chaos exploding around us, at the same time it makes me more determined than ever to dig my soles and soul in even deeper into the truth of what I believe.

LOVE….it’s the only answer. There is no other.  The opposite of love is fear – and fear can either swallow us in one fell swoop or slowly linger, killing our soul a little bit everyday.

Today, as I do often, I’m surrounding myself with those that uplift me – those that I admire and may not have even met – the beauty of social media (instead of the negative and volatile) and those sharing positive messages of love, healing, peace, and planting the seeds to create a world they wish to see.

And tonight I’ll be surrounding myself with three beautiful souls in my Joyful Pause Studio as we nourish our souls, and continue to build upon that peace and love we want also, with meaningful discussion, creativity, and friendship.

These positive steps are keeping me grounded…keeping me moving forward…keeping me in balance…helping me to continue to stand tall in my truth…helping me to live the peace that I wish for each and everyone on this planet.

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