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3/13/2008 – 8/22/2013

On October 13, 2012 I adopted Joie (formerly Mylee) from Oregon Dachshund Rescue. After loving my Dachshund, Frankie (the walk ‘n roll dog) for almost 13 years who had IVDD and in a dog wheelchair for six years, I knew I wanted to open my heart to another special needs Dachshund. You can read about Frankie’s legacy here.

It was love at first sight when I set my eyes on Joie (pronounced Joey).  In French the spelling of her name means joy. Little did I know then that she would only be in my life for such a short time.  Ten months and nine days to be exact. You can read more about her and why I had to say goodbye so soon in a post I wrote titled Remembering Joie.

For the past seven years it has been a passion of mine to educate others about Intervertebral Disc Disease and that dogs in wheelchairs can live quality lives.  I have no doubt it will be my lifetime passion and mission.

Joie leaves behind a legacy just as Frankie did, but in a different way.  Her story is featured in Inspiring Stories about Pets with Disabilities (Volume I).  Joie is also featured in a movie coming out late 2014 called, “The Surface.” She plays herself in a scene where one of the characters is having a flashback to his family life of his little girl and their dog in a wheelchair (based on a a true story).  I am so honored to know Joie will represent all dogs in wheelchairs around the world on the big screen and the quality life they can lead if given a chance.  Joie was on the set of the movie on August 12, 2013 and passed away shortly after that on August 22, 2013.

Though I only had Joie for such a short time I wouldn’t  trade the joy she brought to my life.  She was the happiest, sweetest little girl who went with the flow of life. She made me laugh and giggle on a daily basis.  Thank you, Joie for being my Joie de vivre (Joy of living).

Please join us in honoring ALL wheelchair dogs by liking us on Facebook at  NATIONAL WALK ‘N ROLL DOG DAY which was founded August 3, 2012. Help us spread the positive message about wheelchair dogs.

The Frankie Wheelchair Fund was also established in 2012 to help dogs in need with mobility challenges who need a wheelchair. To date we have helped over 38 dogs because of the generous contributions from others.frankie wheelchair fund logo

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  1. Good day Barbara,

    I’ve lost my Dachund, Levi, on wheels this Tuesday morning. He’s been part of our lives for 11 years and 5 of these years his spend it on wheels. He was the most lovable dog and fighter I’ve ever loved.

    He just suddenly past away, we were going to take him to the vet on Tuesday morning first thing in the morning, he did not want us to pick him up because he had pain, Monday night when we got home after work, we thought he might have another slipped disc, but he did not make the night, I found him next to my bed on his blanket already gone on Tuesday morning, I am devastated.

    I’m struggling tremendously to let him go. I just can’t stop crying and thinking about him.

    How do you go on when his change your hole life, your hole routine, everything revolved around him to make it comfortable for him. The house is so quite without him .

    How did you get over the lost of Frankie?

    I just thought it would help to speak to someone that lost a boy to on wheels…..

    Thank you so much.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your Dachshund, Levi. Grief is such a personal thing. I do understand how very hard it is. The best advice I can offer is to allow yourself to move through it. Cry when you need to. Talk with someone who will understand. You can see if there is a support group in your area – check with your vet if they know of any pet grief support groups. I’m sure there are some online you could reach out to also.
      For me personally, it just took time. There is no right or wrong way to grief and as I said, so very personal. Just allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. You may also want to create some sort of alter of Levi with photos of him and his collar, favorite toy, etc. Also talking to him out loud or in your mind is a wonderful way in which to stay connected. I do believe they still hear us even when not with us physically any longer. Tell him you love him and that you’ll always carry him in your heart.
      I hope this helps. Take good care – Barbara

      1. Just like Annalieze I just lost my doxie Chloe. We lost her on Oct 16th. She was only 4, I am still crying every day.She had back surgery last Dec and did not walk again after that. She loved going for walks in her wheels. She had herniated another disc and in the same week she stopped going potty. She had not had a bowel movement in 4 days and had not urinated in 2 days. We had her on meds but she was still hurting, she didn’t even want me to try to express her..cried out and even tried to bite me. I couldn’t let her hurt anymore. It was the hardest thing I have ever done to let her go. I have lost many pets in my life but never has it been so hard. I devoted all my time this last year trying to get her better. We tries everything out there, she was a patient in Iowa States Clinical Trial for Paralyzed dogs but she never got to finish it. I have been second guessing my decision every day on whether or not I did the right thing, I keep thinking there was something else I could have or should have done. I have her ashes along side her picture, favorite toy, her collar and her little license plate from her wheelchair on my shelf. I just pray I will see her again someday…

        1. I’m so sorry Debby for the loss of your Chloe. You are in my thoughts and wishing you love and peace as you move through the grieving process. Give yourself time and take good care of yourself.

        2. Debby, having just lost my little Dachshund, Sacha, who was also paraplegic, just over a week ago, I totally recognise the pain you are going through right now. The guilt is the biggest thing for me. Why did I tell her off / scold her on that occasion? Why can’t I give her just one more kiss? If I could only hear her ‘shout’ again. Why didn’t I see her illness (pancreatitis) coming and so on. I’ve been reading so much literature on pet loss this week to try and make sense of the situation and my intense feelings. One of the conclusions I have come to, hard as it is, is that she wouldn’t want me to be sad for too long and I’m sure Chloe would say the same to you if she could. The great thing is that, despite being taken away from us far too soon (Sacha was just short of 7 years of age) both she and your Chloe knew they were loved and will be dearly missed. I hope it gives you some comfort to know that you are not alone in the deep grief you are experiencing right now. All my very best wishes to you from me here in the UK.

  2. My lovely, beagle JAKE had surgery on 11/12/14, we do not want to put him down, for five years he has been our light and love, I want him to find new happiness and love, it’s hard for us right now, he will begin rehab next week. I love him so very much, I don’t think it’s time, he’s 5 years old.

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