Online SoulCollage®Workshops

Connect with Your True Essence – Introduction to SoulCollage®

Taking time to honor and care for yourself is vital to your well-being and living a life that is fulfilling.

In this online course you’ll learn how to make SoulCollage® cards and use them as a guide to support you as you discover what it is that is important and meaningful to you.

Nothing happens overnight. Developing a relationship with the unknown takes time. In doing so the seeker is granted the greatest gift of all—clarity. I have come full circle yet again. I must always be willing to journey forward—spiral into the center and then back out again. Then and only then will I be whole, in touch with all that I am.  ~Joan Anderson

As you move through this self-paced five part video series it will:

  • gently help you to open to your wise, knowing self
  • help you practice mindfulness
  • open your creativity, without having to have artistic talent
  • help you express yourself through images
  • guide you to tap into your inner voice
  • help you acknowledge the whispers in your soul
  • begin to help you to accept all the many different facets of yourself, then seeing yourself as whole, which opens you to that true, beautiful, light and essence of who you are

Once you purchase this online workshop, I’ll send you an email with a unique link where you will have unlimited access to the videos.