I feel very blessed to have received so many lovely reviews for my memoirs and children’s books. To pick my all-time favorite isn’t something I can easily do. But I share one review for each of my books below that touched me and made me so happy I took a chance to share my work with others. I will leave it up to you if you wish to read more reviews for each with a link to Amazon for your convenience. Enjoy!

Wisdom Found in the Pause - Joie's GiftWisdom Found in the Pause – Joie’s Gift

We’re busy, and in our busyness we sometimes lose our way and begin to find significance in what we do rather than who we are. Then, a pivotal event occurs that affects our chosen work and draws our attention to the fact that we’re out of balance. We try to push on, but find we’re traveling in a circle and return to the place that shook us and the lessons we missed. Finally we realize we must simply be still, pay attention to the lessons before us, shore up our foundation, and perhaps adjust our course.

For Barbara Techel it was the sudden, and unexpected, death of her dear little dachshund named Joie that prompted her to step back into stillness. In Wisdom Found in the Pause, Techel takes us along as she gently navigates the waters of grief and overcommitment and takes a self-imposed sabbatical to heal and seek direction. She teaches us that pausing doesn’t mean stopping as she connects with, and draws on the wisdom of, trusted teachers and learns to listen to her heart again. Ultimately, in the stillness of rest she finds peace, a renewed vision, and the strength she needs to step out again.

This is a book for anyone who understands the profound joy our animal companions bring to our lives. It’s also for those who find themselves in a tailspin of seeking significance by doing, reminding us that pausing amidst the cacophony is what allows us to hear the whisper of truth so we can stand strong and move ahead.

Like Techel, I have a shelf of books that contain nuggets of wisdom have helped me become unstuck in different seasons of my life; books I consider classics that I return to again and again. Wisdom Found in the Pause will take its place among these. ~Linda Hoye,

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Through Frankie’s Eyes: One woman’s journey to her authentic self, and theThrough Frankie's Eyes: One woman's journey to her authentic self, and the dog on wheels who led the way dog on wheels who led the way

I have spend my journey experiencing life changing moments that were instigated by my relationship with animals, especially dogs. I cannot imagine anyone going through life without having these special relationships. I was excited to discover Through Frankie’s Eyes by Barbara Techel because in addition to loving animals, I also work with adults who have disabilities. I anticipated that Frankie’s story would help me find a connection between the two. What I didn’t expect was finding a book that would help me snap out of feeling stuck and burned out. That was a huge, wonderful surprise.

In “Through Frankie’s Eyes,” Barbara Techel tells the story of when her dachshund named Frankie developed Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) and how dealing with this crisis changed both their lives. Initially, I assumed that the whole book would be about Frankie, however, Barbara also shares the stories of two other special dogs who were in her life. I loved that she included pictures of all of them.  I felt myself relating to Barbara as she goes through work-related dilemmas. I could totally understand her need to bring in an income yet her desire to be called to do something different.  Being able to tie that calling into her love for her dogs makes what happens even more special.

While recovering from the loss of a beloved lab, Barbara decides to get a puppy that she can train to be a therapy dog. Seeking out the perfect lab for this role, she is pleased to find one that seems to fit the bill.  When she and her husband bring the puppy home, Frankie readily accepts the new addition to the family. Everything seems to be going fine, until a crisis occurs involving Frankie’s paralyzing spinal injury. As Barbara struggles to adapt to Frankie’s special needs, their world changes when Frankie gets a wheelchair designed for her. Frankie is finally able to move around again. The adaption is not easy, but obviously it opens up both of their worlds, especially when Barbara starts taking Frankie out in public. Fearful of negative remarks, the majority of people are positive and supportive about Frankie’s wheels. Barbara also finds that people who have disabilities can relate to Frankie. As the positive experiences grow, Barbara starts writing books about this special dog, and making public appearances with her. Getting Frankie certified as a therapy dog leads them into the hospice world where they share some incredible experiences.

It is amazing how something tragic can evolve into something incredible. Not only was their life changed, but so were the lives of the people who got to interact with them. Reading their story and seeing how Barbara relied greatly on her faith to take risks really helped open my eyes to getting my life back on track. Seeing how this worked for her made me realize that if I don’t take some risks and make some changes in my world, nothing will happen. I am so grateful that this author shared her story, and revealed so much of herself while doing so. I know that I don’t have control over everything happening in my life; however, I do have control over how I choose to deal with these things. Starting today, I consciously choose to make my life better and more meaningful. Thank you, Barbara Techel, for sharing your story in “Through Frankie’s Eyes.”  ~Paige Lovitt, with Reader Views

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Frankie the Walk 'N Roll DogFrankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog

As soon as I read about the book I thought it was an incredible story and I asked my mom to get it for me! It is so cool that Frankie can “walk” with her wheels. I like how the book is told as if Frankie is telling it. I think the book shows that even though Frankie has a disability, she is still a great pet and can pretty much do all the things she used to, just a little differently. ~The Kid Reviews Books

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Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Therapy Dog Visits Libby's HouseFrankie the Walk ‘N Roll Therapy Dog Visits Libby’s House

I challenge anyone to read this book and come away with dry eyes and without a smile of recognition. And it’s that juxtaposition of the sometimes difficult realities of life with the always hopeful knowledge that each of us brings something of value to the world that we can share with each other that makes this little story something that will stay with you long after you’ve closed the cover. ~Mary A. Shafer

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