Ancient Wisdom Workshops

Walking Stick & Mindful Walking Meditation Workshop

Exploring how everything is connected can have a profound effect on our lives. You are invited to join us in creating your own unique walking stick, learn to walk in mindful meditation, and connect with the earth’s healing energies. A practice you can then take with you and incorporate into your life whenever you feel the call to reflect and replenish your precious, valuable energy.

Stay tuned for next date for this experiential workshop!




Talking Sticks Workshop

Learn the meaning of Talking Sticks in Native American cultures and make your own unique Talking Stick. Tap into its healing energies and discover your own authentic voice and enjoy transforming conversations.

You’ll learn the meanings of symbolism in materials used to create your own Talking Stick and how that symbolism can help you in understanding your own innate wisdom.

Stay tuned for next date for this experiential workshop!




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