Mama… Tell Me the Story Just One More Time Please.

gidget apr 2014

My heart yearned for another dachshund with special needs to care for.

More love in this heart of mine to be shared.

Time for it to expand once again and take in more teachings from the short little dog they call wiener dog.

Then one day, after much searching,

there you were.

You seemed larger than life looking back at me from the big monitor on my computer,

Even though you were described as only weighing nine pounds.

It was your eyes. I fell deep into them. Into this blissful, knowing place, feeling as if I’d been here before.

It felt as if I was seeing my own soul reflecting back to me.

I wondered, Had we been together before?

Space and time stood absolutely still in that moment, as my heart rapidly beat in my chest, a familiar rhythm.

I knew. I knew without a doubt that you were the one.

My heart was electrified and I felt connected to you with every fiber of my being.

Your eyes spoke to me telling me that you were on your way home.

The final destination of your  journey right into my heart.

Welcome home, little one. Welcome home.

I was inspired to write this after posting the above photo on my Facebook wall this past week. When my mom saw it she thought Gidget’s eyes were telling me to tell her the story one more time of how she came to live with me. Thank you to my special mama for inspiring me!

The Animals are Talking!

blue-jayI’ve made more of a conscious decision to pay attention to the messages from all the animals in our world. Though I really believe dog is one of my spirit animals, I also believe all animals have much to teach me.

As I’m opening myself more to this I think I should perhaps change my website/blog name from Joyful Paws to Joyful Paws wings, hooves, etc. GRIN.

The more I understand and read about how animals try to get messages to us, the more I smile in complete wonder. You don’t have to live in a place full of animals around you to pay attention to their messages for you. They can come to you in images you see on TV or in a magazine or book, something you’ve heard, or an animal that appears before you.

Yesterday I posted on my Facebook page an image of Owl and Butterfly together that touched me. In learning to understand all their messages, I  turn to “The Animal Wisdom Tarot” cards by Dawn Brunke and Dr. Steven Farmer’s book, “Animal Spirit Guides.”

When I read about each animal I read and listen carefully to what resonates with me and find my lesson in their offering.

So this morning as I was doing my yoga practice, a bluejay landed in the tree outside my window. I’ve not seen a bluejay in a long, long time. He flitted back and forth for a time being and then flew off.

I smiled and could hardly wait to get done with my practice to hear what message he had for me.

As I picked up Dr. Steven Farmer’s book and began to read, I got tears in my eyes from these thoughts from Bluejay that feel right for me right now:

Rather than just dabbling in the spiritual/metaphysical realm, choose a path to explore and go as far as you can with it.

Whatever the situation that has triggered some fear, attack it boldly and courageously.

You’re feeling threatened or intimidated by someone, particularly someone you see as stronger or more capable that you are.

You have an interest in a number of subjects and want to explore them all to a degree.

Bluejay had other thoughts to offer, but the above resonated with me at this time.

What really fascinates me about being more open to the teachings of all animals is how they really speak to us of where we are at in our lives and what we are working through.

I want to know more, and it’s why I welcome being as open as possible to hearing and understanding what they have to share with me.

We shall see who arrives next to share another teaching with me!

Lady and her Wheelchair – Granted through The Frankie Wheelchair Fund

lady s

Lady is the 33rd dog to be granted a wheelchair through The Frankie Wheelchair Fund.

She does look like she is perhaps saying, “Are you sure this thing does not have a motor on it?”

Memphis, the young full time pre-veterinary med student who took Lady in says even though Lady’s face looks a bit scared on this photo, she is beginning to get the hang of the wheelchair more and more each day.

Some dogs do take a bit longer to get used to their wheels and we are happy Lady will likely be rolling around in no time eventually not even realizing she now has wheels for back legs.

Memphis was shadowing at a local veterinarian clinic where Lady was brought in. Lady had managed to find her way to a home of strangers who brought her into the clinic.

After a few weeks of no one coming forward or wanting to adopt Lady, Memphis wanted to give her a chance at living a quality of life.

Being a full time student, plus working to pay for college, she didn’t know how she could pay for a wheelchair for Lady, but had $100 she could put towards one.

The Frankie Wheelchair Fund was happy to grant the remaining balance. And I also find it wonderful to know that a pre-veterinary student is seeing with her own eyes the value of a wheelchair and how it can help pets. To know she will take that into her practice someday is so great to know!

***Wheelchair I recommend and work with for The Frankie Wheelchair Fund is Eddie’s Wheels.

Learn more about The Frankie Wheelchair Fund

You can learn more on our website, National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day where you can apply for funds or donate.