Letting Go.

techel writing cottage inside 7When we follow what moves us, we break open what is possible and the light of the soul spills out of us. -Mark Nepo

Letting go to make room for new things to expand and evolve in your life at first sounds easy, doesn’t it? Though the times I’ve found it hardest to let go is when it is something I enjoy.

As fall is approaching I have some new projects I want to consider, and an adventure I want to explore and take part in. That meant letting go to open space for this to allow to unfold.

Little “signs” were calling out to me, but at times I tried to push them aside. It is sometimes easier to stay with what we know, than push ourselves out of the nest and expand our horizons.

Part of it also is that it is scary. I worry, what if I’ve made the wrong choice?

It can be really easy to let fear take over and go back to what is comfortable, and then never take a leap. But I remind myself of something I decided when I was scared to write my first children’s book — to listen to my heart and let it guide me.

My soul, different than my heart, but the essence of who I am, feels the need to grow again. To learn something new. To hopefully evolve.

Though I’m not ready to share what new adventure I will be taking part in, I can say that I want to continue to write, which I’ll be doing right here on my blog and for my newsletter. My new adventure, I hope, will only serve a greater good for my writing, and encouraging and inspiring others.

So….in regards to my book I was working on, well, that I’ve decided to put on hold for now. It’s not ready to yet be born. This was a very hard decision for me in some aspects, but then in some aspects, not. One tough part for me is that I don’t want to disappoint those who have been waiting to read another book from me. While I can’t promise if this book will ever be born, or it may morph to something else, I remind myself it only means letting go for now, and whatever is next will reveal itself when it is time.

One thing I do know for sure is that if I don’t take this leap then I will always wonder “what if?” I’d rather try, explore, and let it unfold as it is meant to be.

Even when I don’t know what the end result will be and trusting that it has its purpose….I’m going to trust my heart, follow it, and see what happens.

PS:  My writing cottage is featured on Tiny House Talk blog — with lots of photos! It was such an honor. Thought you might like to check it out.

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Meet Princess & Lenny: This makes 29 Paralyzed Dogs Helped with a Wheelchair

princess 2 cWe are moving and shaking big time the happy dance today here at Joyful Paw Headquarters with two new dogs we get to share with you who are the recipients of a wheelchair courtesy of The Frankie Wheelchair Fund.

First, meet Princess. She is the 28th dog we’ve been honored to help! She is still getting used to her wheels, but doing a little bit better every day according to those that love her dearly. From her ears beginning to fly out to the side as in this photo, I’d say she is making great progress in learning that her wheels will take her anywhere she wants to go!

lennySecond, meet Lenny. Such a handsome fellow, wouldn’t you agree?

Here is what his owners had to say in an email to me:

We would just like to thank you again for Lenny’s awesome wheelchair. I really do not think we could thank you and this organization enough. The first day he was put in the wheel chair he didn’t really know what to do and once he realized he was actually able to get around by himself without dragging his body, we saw a light in his eyes that has been missing since his accident. Thank you all again for his opportunity to walk again. We are all forever grateful for your kindness. -Nakia and Jake

I also received notice that Davey’s wheelchair shipped yesterday so that will make 30 dogs helped because of The Frankie Wheelchair Fund… and we plan to keep on rolling!

***Wheelchair I recommend and work with for The Frankie Wheelchair Fund is Eddie’s Wheels.

How you can help

There are only six more days in our t-shirt campaign to spread awareness of dogs in wheelchairs through National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day which is celebrated every Sept. 22.  By purchasing a t-shirt a portion of the proceeds goes to The Frankie Wheelchair Fund to help us help more dogs.  You can purchase your t-shirt today by clicking on the photo below.

frontOr choose from a variety of items in our store with portion of proceeds going to the Frankie Wheelchair Fund or you can also make a monetary donation in any amount. I sincerely appreciate your consideration and donation to help me continue to help disabled dogs in need!

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Sunbathing Weenie

IMG_2113[1] 12

It seems as if this ledge was made for just the right sized weenie. Not too narrow and not too wide to fit this 9 lb., 12- inch long sausage dog.

The perfect spot at the end of a hard working day of napping in my writing cottage. Miss G loves this time to soak in a bit of the sun beating down from the west.

You can almost smell the sausage baking, can’t you? Mmm. Mmm. good.

Well, I could eat up this little love in terms of squeezing her tight and smooching the sides of her snout at least one thousand times a day. It never gets old.

The sunbathing weenie, that she is. Soaking it up for as long as she can as we make our way toward fall right around the corner.

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