Signed Copies of My New Book Available Plus Special Gift – Limited Offer.

Signed Copies of My New Book Available Plus Special Gift - Limited Offer.

I have a limited quantity of my new memoir available that I’m happy to sign and personalize as gifts or a gift to yourself. There is still time that I can get those shipped to you in time for Christmas.

Joie gave me the gift of grace and wisdom, helping me understand that pausing in one’s life is essential to one’s well-being. 

As part of my two month sabbatical which I write about in my new memoir, I turned to my toolbox of self-help. One tool I chose during that time was to use Grace cards as a way to answer questions I had, confirmation, or to simply provide whatever wisdom it was I needed for that particular day. They never failed to help guide me in some way.

If you order a signed copy of my book, I will send along a Grace card, picked at random, with you in mind. This will be from my personal deck, the one I used during my sabbatical that led me to understanding the gift of wisdom found in the pause.

I only have a limited quantity of books on hand, so first come, first serve.  Cost with priority shipping within the US is $21.00



Signs, Signs. Everywhere a Sign.

Signs. Signs. Everywhere a Sign.

Yesterday on my blog I wrote about how an issue with my right eye has had me feeling vulnerable in going out in public without eye make-up and how this has been a great lesson of acceptance of myself.

It opened a great discussion and thoughts on the post itself and on Facebook. Thanks everyone for chiming in!

The discussion continued today when I went in to get my haircut by my friend, Missy. Standing in the reception area we talked about my post and Missy agreed about much of what I said about questioning what real beauty is and how we’ve bought into what our culture deems as so. With my eye still red (but a bit better today), Missy shared with me how a spot on her face has her feeling very self-conscious right now.

Truth be told, I never saw the spot. It was her sparkling eyes and her genuine, loving personality that I saw. As we talked about self acceptance Missy looked down to see a heart shaped leaf on the floor of the salon.

And there it was! Confirmation for both of us to know in our hearts we are enough. I was thrilled she handed it to me so I could bring it home and take a picture and share with you today.

So there it is…for each of us…we are all truly enough. Believe it and really know it…for then you shall be set free.

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What is Real Beauty? Embracing this Lesson of Acceptance.

What is Real Beauty? Embracing this Lesson of Acceptance.

On Sunday afternoon, my right eye became quite swollen. Monday morning I could barely open my eye as it was so puffy. I’ve been battling something going on with it since mid-October, trying all sorts of remedies to try to get rid of the redness, itching, and flaking on the lid of my eye.

I ended up going to urgent care yesterday morning and the doctor felt it is an allergic reaction to something and gave me some steroid creme to use. I’m hoping that’s the answer to this mystery, as the creme has helped with the swelling. Time will tell.

But it’s been an interesting process for me in terms of acceptance…and going out into the world without eye make-up on. I can honestly say that years ago I would not have ventured out, afraid for others to see me without make-up. Silly and trivial perhaps with so many more issues in much need of attention these days- but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this.

Our society places so much value on beauty, or what is perceived as – something I’ve wrestled with and worked through many layers of my own self-consciousness of for many years.

Just last night I watched a make-up video of a new mascara promising to give us those long, long lashes, so many wish for. I found myself getting depressed watching, not being able to wear make-up right now. I went to wash my face for the night and John walked in the bathroom as I was looking in the mirror.

I said, “I’m so ugly right now!”  

And then I caught myself. I was beating myself up. It didn’t feel good. I didn’t want to do that. I’m still me, red, swollen eye and all. I am not my looks. I am my heart. 

And it brings me back to the issues that need our attention right now in this world. It’s about re-framing our language. It’s about accepting all the parts of ourselves. It’s about healing the wounds we have of buying into what is perceived as true beauty and what makes a person beautiful.

So while not wearing make-up and being self-conscious about it may seem trivial, it really is much deeper. It’s about the fear of being judged. Of feeling not pretty enough. Or feeling not good enough.

It’s owning those fears and knowing they are false. That I am good enough. That I am enough. Make-up or not.

And as I got ready to meet a friend for lunch today, I stepped into my confidence shoes and walked proudly into the cafe.,, And had the most wonderful, uplifting, inspiring lunch with my friend, Connie. Something I would have missed out on had I let fear get in the way.

And this…this is what matters. Connecting. Sharing. And accepting others for who they are and where they are at. That is real beauty to me.

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