And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anais Nin

I’m Barbara Techel 

I’m passionate about gently guiding you to your own inner awareness to help you shift your perspective when you feel stuck so you can move forward in a more authentic way and live a life with more meaning and joy.

It brings me great joy to encourage you to pause, listen to your heart, and capture the essence of who you are so that you can live a life full of unlimited possibilities.

I truly believe the Universe is magical! It’s always providing us with signs and symbols through animals, nature and creativity, which all speak to the language of the soul.





Book a Reading 

In my oracle readings and intuitive sessions I gently hold space for you, while the oracle cards serve as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth. My readings are prescriptive rather than predictive thus offering you an opportunity to tune into your own inner voice and invite in a deeper perspective. The cards guide and encourage authentic dialogue in partnership with myself, your own wisdom, and Spirit/Universe/Divine.




Online and in-person workshops including SoulCollage® and ancient wisdom to encourage you to take time in reflection, open to your intuition, and expand your authentic and creative expression.







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When you do, I’ll send you an interview where I passionately share how animals, nature and tapping into your own intuition can guide you to live a more meaningful life.

Nothing happens overnight. Developing a relationship with the unknown takes time. In doing so the seeker is granted the greatest gift of all—clarity. I have come full circle yet again. I must always be willing to journey forward—spiral into the center and then back out again. Then and only then will I be whole, in touch with all that I am.  

~Joan Anderson, The Second Journey