The Wisdom of Eleven

The Wisdom of Eleven

Today. Kylie’s 11th Birthday.

Winding up and down country roads through Tennessee we found our way to you eleven years ago December 2005. And this day, today, you were born into this world.

Eleven – a number that stands side-by-side as one, creating a strong foundation. Or when one needs to lean into the other one – that is you, my dear girl- a grounding and steady bedrock you have been, and continue to be.

That first time holding you, a big, soft, cuddly ball of fur that you were, my heart tumbled a free fall that enveloped me with a joy that I wanted to hold onto forever.

And JOY you have continued to be. Truly, one of the most selfless dogs I’ve ever known. Your work has been in keeping a calm and steady rhythm within these four walls we call home to what is important.

You, our daily reminder that life is meant to be captured in the simple moments and that when life throws us a curve ball that going with the flow will helps us find our way back to the center sooner, rather than later.

Eleven – it shows in the gray mask around your face – but your heart, forever young and ever expanding – that unending love that vibrates outward from you each and every moment that has been one of my greatest teachers of what living is all about.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. I love you so much.

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Have Van Will Travel Journal: Flooring Is In (Video)

John installed the flooring in our Vamper, “Second Chance” today! We recorded this video, though it cut out part way because the batteries died on my camcorder. But I was trying to say wheel wells, and those are also insulated.

Next comes insulation on the side panels. And that is as far as we will get for our trip to Tennessee which is only a little over a week away. But I bought a king size piece of 4″memory foam which we will put down for our bed this time around until this winter when the bunk beds get built.

On Friday we took a test drive to a nearby Cabela’s to check out their awesome camping section. The dogs rode with us so we can continue getting them ready for this adventure. It was about an hour drive there and back and we stopped for lunch, too.  Kylie and Gidget did very well and this makes me feel very good that they will travel well with us, which does my heart good.

It’s so fun to see it coming together now!

And just as I went to post this today, I’ve learned of a young woman’s passing from cancer. Deb was one of the first people who invited me to be on the radio when I came out with my first book and I was invited back again when I came out with my next book. My heart is so sad hearing of her passing – she was such a kind, beautiful soul. And oh, how it reminds me to enjoy the ride while we are here. I plan to do just that with this trip to TN and each day after – for you, Deb. For you.  God Speed beautiful lady. God Speed.

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