Tweets and Ribbets Abound at the Zen Writing Cottage

Tweets and Ribbets Abound at the Zen Writing Cottage

I’m so excited to share with you that the robin eggs have hatched!  These two fuzzies came into the world on Wednesday, June 23.  When I posted a photo of the eggs two weeks ago, there were four, but only two made it.

robin nest 2016

Their nest is right outside one of my windows in my writing cottage, so I see the mama coming and going all day as she takes care of her precious little ones. I also put up a short video of the little ones on my Facebook page if you want to check it out.


And the tree frogs are back too!  I just love these little guys (and gals!). They are like little surprises when you come upon them. They can be quite sneaky and all of a sudden, there they are. They always bring a smile to my face. Two summers ago we had two around almost the whole summer. I called them Mr. and Mrs. Green Jeans.  This little guy was on my front porch, while this little gal below joined me for lunch one day on the deck.

frog 2

Oh! How I love summer!  New life abounds and old friends have returned. And time to brew some sun tea!

sun tea

Well, friends, I hope your weekend is a good one and you experience many small and big joys as the summer days unfold.

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Is This How It’s Going to Be Today?

Is this How It's Going to Be Today?

I don’t know how it started. But sometimes these things just evolve on their own.

One day I just couldn’t get enough of my husband, John. What I mean by this is that there are days when I feel extra head over heels in love with him. It’s just something that takes over and I want to be sure he knows how much I truly love him. Lucky for me, he has these days towards me too.

Out of the blue one day a few years ago, with a big grin on his face as I was giving him a hug for what seemed the 100th time, John said “Is this how it’s going to be today?” And we laughed and laughed.

Now whenever these moments of bliss happen, which seem quite often lately, (and I’m not complaining!) this is what one or the other will say to whoever happens to be the lucky recipient of over zealous affection.

So when my friend, Dawn, shared a video in her newsletter this week I immediately thought of John and I. I couldn’t help but send it to John and title the subject line, “Is this How it’s Going to be Today?” I share the video with you below– Just click on the photo.

I feel so blessed to have the relationship I do with John. We truly are two peas in a pod, or I guess I should also say, two prairie dogs enjoying the sweet moments of life.

Wishing you many sweet moments today!

Photo: Jan Pelcman

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Dog Barks from the Other Side

Dog Barks from the Other Side

Photo: @Brookburlingphotography

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of my dear dachshund Frankie’s passing. While I never thought my heart would heal from the loss of her, time has, for me, replaced sadness with so many beautiful memories that often bring a smile to my face and a flood of joy to my heart.

And I just have to tell you how amazed I am at how Frankie’s spirit continues to dance around me. It especially seems so this time of year.

It’s as if she is barking from the other side reminding me that we are still connected. And she’s been sending messengers in the form of people reaching out to me talking about her, recalling stories of her, or a time when they met her.
frankie 2

One such case that really moved me deeply was an email I received from Danielle last week. She emailed me once before sharing with me how much my children’s book Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog helped her children to deal with, and understand, their own dachshund Dixie’s paralysis.

Dixie has seen passed away and this time Danielle wrote:

I wanted to contact you, this time to share with you how much my kids (my 5-year-old twins) have been enjoying your “Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog Coloring and Activity” book.  They love the paper-dog Frankie!  For them, it was especially important that Frankie was in her cart, so we had to get the cart cut out right away.  🙂   Since they each had a book, they each pretended to be a “Frankie” and talk to the other “Frankie”.  🙂  

My daughter loved putting as much on Frankie as she could possibly fit!  My son loved having Frankie more plain so he could still recognize her. They could not get enough of cutting, trying on, and role playing!  

The whole activity also helped them reconnect with Dixie’s spirit and life and remember her in a fun way since her passing.


Danielle’s five year old twins dressing Frankie paper dog cut out

I can’t even begin to find the right words to tell you how much this means to me! But there I was, sitting at my computer, tears of joy rolling down my face. And a few tears wishing I could hold Frankie… just. one. more. time.

But it was just another reminder that as my mom said to me last weekend that “love never dies.” And she is right. It just takes a different form, but it is always there. Always.

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