Back to the Center of Ritual and Calm.

g and me with bike 12I love celebrating my birthday and last week was filled with wonderful memories that now live forever in my heart.

On Friday morning, the day of my 51st birthday I felt the impulse to hop on my bike and take a spin around our little village. A brief stop to look out over the lake, I felt like the lake was welcoming me to another year.

Now that last week has passed, I have to say, I’m really appreciating being back to ritual and calm again today. As I placed my bare feet upon my yoga mat this morning, clasped my hands in prayer in front of my heart, gazing out onto the lush green trees outside my writing cottage, I felt my body exhale a huge sigh. I felt like I was welcoming myself home.

Though I love celebrating, at times I felt a bit overwhelmed last week. I was out of my daily rituals that ground me like yoga, my new breathing exercise I’ve recently learned, and sitting in stillness for ten minutes each day. I didn’t get much writing or work done either. But it was okay, as I know myself well enough now that I will find my way back to the center.

I’ve come to realize being back on my yoga mat how very much I truly appreciate my rituals. How I love my quiet space. How I deeply love my simple life.

Yesterday was the first day since last week Tuesday that I had nothing planned. I didn’t need to be anywhere. I decided to make it a creative day so my mind could find its way back to a more relaxed place. I stayed off my computer all day so I could ease back into the quiet of my mind.

It was delicious! I painted five little birdhouses that I will be doing something fun with. I will share a photo once that project is complete. I saw the idea in a magazine and can’t wait to see how the little houses look in the special spot I will be putting them.

I also doodled in my new sketch pad. This is something pretty new for me. I’ve been hooked on something called zenspirations by Joanne Fink. I’ve never considered myself one to be able to draw, but Joanne makes it seem less intimidating. I also like that it is based around words and quotes. I sat outside on the deck under our big locust tree and got lost in hours of creating.

I’m feeling back in alignment as I sit at my desk this morning. Tasks to focus on, heart whispers I’m listening to and wanting to explore. Last week filled with so much to do my heart yearned for the walk back to calm and simplicity that I call home. It feels so good to be home again. So good.

“A daily ritual is a way of saying, “I’m voting for myself; I’m taking care of myself.”  ~ Mariel Hemingway 

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Returning to Normal. Whatever Normal is.

g and flowers 12It is the busiest weekend of the year in our little village of 950 people with the vintage race cars in town. I am always blown away by how filled up our little town becomes for this weekend. There are wall to wall cars up and down our small town streets. I don’t know how they pack ém all in each year, but they do.

It has been a busy week with my birthday, which I loved every. single. moment. of it. But today I breathe a big exhale as I sit quietly in my writing cottage writing this post. I can hear the race cars humming in the distance, but the calm in my cottage feels amazing today. Returning to normal – though I really don’t know if there is such a thing as normal.

One last surprise was awaiting me when John and I got home last night. It seems the Birthday Bandits from last year struck again! Evidence of this can be seen on my Facebook page. It was a sweet way to end my birthday — though it will continue into next week when I have lunch with my dad on Friday. But for the most part, I think I shall ease back into simple, quiet and normal again, which I’m looking forward to.

I had a fantastic week with lots of eating out, which is always nice, though I’m ready to get back to making meals at home too. Miss G and I headed to the Farmer’s Market and came home with the back basket on my bike full of goodies – lettuce, tomatoes, potato crusted pizza, beans, zucchini and squash. Time to get back to healthy eating!

While I feel tired, in a good way from all the excitement of the week, Miss G is tired too. She could barely keep her eyes open for me to take the photo of her with the flowers I bought today. I have a feeling the sofa will be a place we will find our way to this afternoon for a sweet nap.

The celebrations are memories and treasures of the heart I carry with me and feel very blessed for all the love and good I have in my life. While I loved all the celebrating, I also relish in the peace and quiet of what life has to offer too. Excited and ready to see what the 51st year of my life presents to me.

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Thank You to the Beautiful Lady Who Gave Me Life on this Day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFifty-one years ago at 11:55pm my mom brought me into this world. The older I get the more I love life and am so thankful for all my mom is to me.

I’ve thought about this with a deeper sense this year as my best friend celebrated her first birthday at 58 without her mom here. Her mom passed away last fall. As we walked home from breakfast on Wednesday it hit my friend that her mom wouldn’t be here to wish her Happy Birthday. She began to cry.

I put my hand in hers and we continued to walk down the street. There really are no words in times like those. I know my time will come too and I know when it does, my friend will walk with me on that journey.

But for today and for all the days my mom continues to be here to celebrate with me, the greatest gift I can give her for my life is to continue to pursue what it is that makes me happy. To live life to the fullest that I can. To be of service where I can. To love and live the best that I can.

My mama, who I love so very much. Who means the world to me. Thank you seems such a small thing to say for all you’ve been and continue to be for me. Connected soul to soul, we will always be.

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