No Denying It… Kylie’s a Heart Dog

No Denying It... Kylie's a Heart Dog

Sweet Kylie

Now this is such a curious thing.  Kylie has a basket full of stuffed toys I keep in a wicker basket in the kitchen.

She has two that are her favorite. One is a well loved monkey (meaning the stuffing, part of an ear, and eyes are long gone) and a lime green lamb chop who is close to being just as well loved as Mr. Monkey.

The other toys? Well, they are sort of like the misfits on Misfit Island in the Rudolph Christmas tale. They just sit in the basket waiting and waiting for someone to love and play with them.

And then the most curious thing happened. Kylie dug to the bottom of the basket and pulled out the heart stuffed toy. She carried it proudly in her soft jowls into the bedroom and hopped up on the bed next to John.

Was she proclaiming her love for John? Does she know Valentine’s Day is around the corner?  Is she hinting at wanting biscuits (since dog’s can’t have chocolate as you know)?

Whatever the message may be we marveled at how adorable and sweet she looked with the red heart.

No doubt in our mind she is a heart dog… put perhaps she thought we forgot (of which we never would!) and it was her way of reminding us.

Oh, Kylie… how you make our hearts gush with love for you!

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Alex Makes the 50th Dog Helped with a Dog Wheelchair!

Alex Makes the 50th Dog Helped with a Dog Wheelchair!


We are doing a happy dance here at Joyful Paws headquarters!


Because Alex is the 50th dog the Frankie Wheelchair Fund has granted a wheelchair to!

Alex is currently with foster, Sandi, with Dachshund Rescue of South Florida. She sent me ths picture of Alex and said, “Here’s a pic of sweet n snugly Alex in his Eddie’s Wheels. He took to his wheels like a duck to water!”

Does not surprise me one bit. I’ve seen time and time again how these dogs get on with the joy of living life — now rolling through the grass, down the street, and over their human’s feet. Nothing stops them!

A very special thanks to Sarah of The Smoothe Store as the money she raised selling dog banandas last fall helped pay for Alex’s wheelchair which she donated to the Frankie Wheelchair Fund.

You can apply, donate, or learn more about the fund on our website, National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day.

Alex’s wheelchair custom made by Eddie’s Wheels.

Keep on rolling Alex!

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A Peek Inside Joyful Pause Studio – SoulCollage® Workshops for Women

A Peek Inside Joyful Pause Studio - SoulCollage® Workshops for Women

Entrance to Joyful Pause Studio. Artwork by Shannon Winter.

Over two years ago I began giving thought to offering workshops for women in the lower level of my home. But I wasn’t quite sure what they would exactly be.

But I knew I wanted to encourage women to pause, listen, capture, and open to the many facets of themselves.

And then I discovered the process of SoulCollage® in November 2014. I jumped in and took the training in hopes of making this dream come true.

And little by little it did with workshops I held at a local art studio and through friends. And then I held my first workshop in my home studio on January 16th, 2016 for five wonderful women.

Eventually I do hope to expand with different types of workshops, too and have also been offering some online workshops.

I see myself sort of like an Intuitive Guide… I love the idea of “holding the space” for women– gently encouraging them to tap into their own wisdom and open the petals to their own beautiful flower and what they discover about themselves.

So my studio is just about complete. My dear, sweet, supportive husband, John, is finishing up soon with the spare room which will have a new drop ceiling and lighting also.

John almost threw this piece of wood in the woodstove — but I saw it as a lovely place for a bird to perch upon to welcome visitors to my studio.

This is where tea and water are available and a bathroom to the left.

One view of the almost 1,000 square feet in my studio.

Canvas panels along the wall are paintings I’m working on for the long wall – Tree Goddesses is what I hope the end result will be!

Window to let in some natural light with lots of good overhead lighting.

I can accommodate up to 10 people for workshops.

What was once a family room for John and I and a craft space for me, to then a space we opened to a young woman in need of somewhere to live during a transition, to now Joyful Pause Studio…. I can’t wait to welcome you!

It’s my hope it will be a serene place for women to come be among other kindred-spirits and will serve as a way in which women can take time to create, listen to their hearts, and just be.

I’m so excited about this new venture!

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