The Dragonfly and the Melted Marshmallow: A Rescue Story.

IMG_2111 eFriday evening, as we most often do, John and I gathered around our chimenia to relax. It’s one of our favorite things to do.

This particular night we ate pizza outside and then decided to make some s’mores. We rarely have this treat, but we had been gifted a kit that some genius came up. It comes in a tube with four roasting sticks, a small bag of marshmallows, chocolate pieces, and graham crackers. All you need to add is a fire for roasting.

We did just that and enjoyed this special treat. After we were done, we laid the sticks, with a bit of marshmallow reside on a chair nearby.

The next day, about mid-morning, I noticed a dragonfly on the end of the stick. I smiled and thought, “Oh, he must be enjoying the leftover marshmallow.” I didn’t think anymore of it.

Later Saturday afternoon as I made my way out to our deck again to get things ready for another night of relaxing, I noticed the dragonfly was still on the stick.

It suddenly occurred to me that he must be stuck! I felt awful. I yelled to John who was in the kitchen, “Oh no! The poor dragonfly is stuck!”

I was able to very carefully free his two wings that were sticking to the marshmallow residue just as John came outside. But his intricate, tiny, thin legs were another story.

Turning to John I said, “What are we going to do? I feel terrible.”

At first he said, “Get a knife. Maybe we can gently lift his legs off.”

As I scampered into the house John yelled, “Actually, get a warm bowl of water.”

I brought out the bowl of water, but the concerned look on my face had John guessing my worry, “Don’t worry, we won’t drown him.”

He gently placed the end of the stick into the bowl, just enough to immerse the dragonfly’s three sticky legs.

We watched in total amazement as he first lifted one leg, then two, then three, and off he flew over the top of the house!

I jumped up and down and hugged John. I was so happy that the dragonfly was free.

Last night we sat out on our deck again. As we were enjoying the fire, sitting in silence, we saw a dragonfly land on almost the exact spot, on the deck railing, where we had freed the dragonfly Saturday night.

We turned to each other. Could it be the same dragonfly, we both wondered?

I said, “Maybe he has come back to thank us!”

For the next several minutes we sat and watched as the dragonfly caught bugs as his dinner. We were mesmerized, as well as, wondering why we’d never observed this before.

I said, “Of all the many times we have sat on this deck, how come we never saw a dragonfly do this?”

All I could think is that when you are open to what is around you, you get to be a part of things you’ve never seen before. Such a simple thing brought both John and I so much joy.

It felt like double happiness for me though as I enjoyed John being open to what it was that perhaps the dragonfly was trying to share with us.

I decided to look up dragonfly’s message in the book, Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer. Two messages from dragonfly that stood out for me were:

“This is a time when the magic and mystery of life is reawakening for you.”

“You’re feeling drawn to study any mystical arts or ancient mystery schools.”

As I thought about writing this post today, I smiled because once again, the name of my blog is Joyful Paws. But just like the snail I encountered a few weeks ago and now the dragonfly, I have to wonder if perhaps I need to change Joyful Paws, to Joyful Creatures!

But alas, it is the play on paws that originally comes from “pause” of which my dogs began the teachings of learning to pause and find joy around me. And now perhaps it is all the other creatures that are making their way to me with many more messages that I am now ready to hear. I’m game.

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My Joyful Pause Moments: Weekly Recap.

This weekly recap includes a few of my joyful pause moments from the week before. It’s been a busy few weeks for me, so I realized I’ve not been pausing as much as I’d like to get a shot of what brings me joy. And I realize as I post these that this is my gentle nudge reminder that when I am really busy is when I should be taking five minutes to do so!  Alas, I am a work in progress.

But I hope you enjoy my joyful pause moments I captured over the past two weeks and I encourage you to do the same.

20140810_123305 e 12My honeysuckle plant outside my writing cottage is in full bloom. My hummingbird friends are loving it!

20140810_143106 e 12I saw this idea of painting five small birdhouses and hanging them on a garden shed in a magazine. So just had to do this for my writing cottage.  Hired this cute handyman (a.k.a. the hubby) to hang them for me.

20140813_123954e 12Spent some time on my deck outside my writing cottage working on writing for my blog. Divine.

20140816_105012 e 12With the last of my birthday money I bought this beautiful handmade pillow from my friend Marie.  I love dragonflies and lime green and periwinkle colors together are my favorite!

20140806_100952 e 12I enjoy supporting artists and bought this ladybug named “bug” from upcoming and talented young artist, Megan. She is on her way to her 2nd year of art school this week!

20140805_161049 12Taking 5 minutes out to BREATHE.  I love my writing cottage to do just this.

IMG_2103 12Finally hung my Joie stained glass piece my mom gave me for my birthday last month.

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To Think It All Began with a Phone Call.

flowerIt all began with a phone call.

The day before I was going to help Frankie transition and become a dog angel in heaven.

My friend Mary, bless her heart forever, for suggesting I call her friend, Dawn.

Dawn is an animal communicator.

I knew of her, but didn’t know her.

I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do.

My hands shaking, I picked up the phone and punched her number into my key pad.

My heart was beating wildly.

The kindest voice answered.

I explained who I was and the gut wrenching decision I was in the process of making.

She was in the middle of a hectic day of book publishing with last minute details.

But she dropped everything for me and Frankie.

She said, “It was in your voice. I knew you needed help.”

The gift of having her communicate with Frankie solidified for me that I was making the right decision.

Frankie and I had come to the end of our beautiful journey here on earth together. She was ready to move on.

Dawn helped me to trust in my heart that this was right. That I’d be okay and so would Frankie.

I’ll never, ever forget that day. Dawn’s serene and calm words of wisdom that made me know the journey with Frankie would not end. But it would evolve into a new level. We’d always be together. There was nothing to fear.

A year later I met Dawn for coffee when she visited Wisconsin. I didn’t want my time to end with her because I felt so connected in a special way to her.

She returned again this past week as I hosted an animal communication workshop in my home that she taught.

We met today to say goodbye before she heads back home to Alaska tomorrow. She is a gift.

I drove home floating on a cloud for the friendship I have with Dawn. Her spirit that is larger than life. Her heart that is open and shares freely.

It’s her secure knowing in herself as a woman that shines so brightly that makes me feel grounded and happy in her company.

She is a wise role model for me. A mentor. A dear friend.

Brought together by a phone call two years ago. Thank you Universe (and Mary) for bringing us together.

My soul having evolved just a bit more because of her.

And I know when she reads this she will be ever so humble. But it’s all true. And I wanted her to know.

Love you, dear friend!

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