Gather in Sacred Circle and Weave Your Intentions into 2018: Dreamcatcher Workshop

Gather in Sacred Circle and Weave Your Intentions into 2018: Dreamcatcher Workshop

I’m thrilled and honored to invite you to this Dreamcatcher workshop that I’m co-facilitating with Rachel Nick of LaValley Nature and Equine Sanctuary. It is being held at my home studio, Joyful Pause.

This year is being hailed as the year we take back our power, nurture our intuition, and set intentions that more deeply satisfy our heart’s true desires.

In this interactive workshop we will:

  • Release what no longer serves you
  • Open to your innate wisdom through meditation
  • Capture your desires through journaling
  • Weave your visions and aspirations into a dreamcatcher
  • Gather with like-minded women, share stories, connect, and be inspired

When: Saturday, January 27th, 2018

Time: 12:30-4:00pm

Where: Joyful Pause Studio, Elkhart Lake 

Rachel & Barbara

Barbara Techel and Rachel Nick will be your guides into this intuitive, mindful, creative and fun excursion.

Cost:  $45 (includes all materials and a portion of workshop fee will be donated to LaValley Nature and Equine Sanctuary).

LaValley’s Nature and Equine Sanctuary mission is to preserve land for plant, wildlife, equine and permaculture use while inspiring others to do the same. We offer a permanent, safe and natural environment for aged horses to retire and live out the rest of their days peacefully.

Due to limited space preregistration is required.

The “Digger” that Reminded Me the Importance of Slowing Down

The “Digger” that Reminded Me the Importance of Slowing Down

We had about six inches of snow yesterday. With not a cloud in the sky and the sun shining so brilliantly this morning, I felt the call to saunter in the woods.

After doing a reading for a client, I scampered into the house, and layered on all my winter gear. I was excited to meet up with Mr. Walking Stick once again.

As I approached the pine tree on the right at the end of the first leg of the path, I could see my faithful walking stick friend nestled in the branches where I carefully place him after each of my walks.

As I reached out and grabbed him, I silently I said, “Hello, Mr. Walking Stick. Are you ready to go?”

Thinking about the client I had just met with, I was holding her in my heart that she find a sense of direction she is in search of, and the cards revealing that taking time to pause and go inward was being called for.

The gift of pausing has been on my mind much lately too.

My feet happy to be the first ones making tracks in the new fallen snow, but my mind still in a thousand other places, and before I knew it, out went my feet from under me, and I found myself on my back, staring up at the blue sky.

There was ice under the snow and down I went with my head being the last to hit the ground. Luckily, with all my padding of clothing and enough snow, I didn’t really feel hurt anywhere, but was just stunned for a moment.

And it was a reminder for me as I brushed myself off and continued my walk.

Walking in winter is so much different and my favorite quote from author and illustrator, Tasha Tudor echoed in my mind, “I don’t believe in hurry.”

It’s no wonder I love that quote as it is something I continually work on practicing and integrating into my life. Taking that fall was another reminder. There was no need to be in a hurry to get to the woods – they weren’t  going anywhere, after all. But I did have on my mind what was “next” on my schedule when I returned to my writing cottage.

Also, having a passion for much in life, and wanting to experience as much as I can, I can sometimes forget and hurry, instead of just being in the moment of what is. Though I must say I’m much, much better than years ago, and I’m grateful for how far I’ve come.

But as I continued my walk through the woods, I made sure to consciously connect with each step. As I did, I also took time to stop every few feet and look around. With so much gear on, my face mostly covered by my large furry hood, it requires making an effort to look left, right, up and behind.

It was such a perfect metaphor for life, I thought, being in conscious mind, making sure I carefully watched each step I took in the snow, as I wound my way down and up and over the snow covered paths, but also pausing now and then to take in all the beauty around me.

So I’m grateful for the “digger” and even more so, that I didn’t break anything! But even more than that, I am grateful for the reminder of how much beauty there is when we live more in the moment, and not what just was, or what will be.

Last by not least, I recalled this drawing my Facebook friend and artist, Abrah Griggs, recently shared. She’s an amazing artist by the way, and I invite you to check out her fun art that often has birds and spiders wearing galoshes! At any rate, I’m not sure her meaning behind this drawing, but for me it means that whether or not I’d have cleats on, if I’m not in the moment and paying attention…. well, I’m still likely going to fall on my ARS!

P.S. Don’t worry mom, I’m okay. Even at 54 1/2 years old, I know my mama still worries about me, so just need to reassure her I am fine. XOImage may contain: drawing

Hawk Medicine

Hawk Medicine

Welcome! I knew you could do it. 

This is what I heard a hawk convey to me, just as I entered the small woods near my home yesterday. I saw him high in a tree, and then as he gracefully lifted off taking flight. After hearing this message, I said out loud, ” Oh yes! This was so worth it. So worth it!”

As I wrote yesterday, I was in a funk. The voice inside that knows what is best for me had been nudging me for quite a few weeks to get outside. But we’ve been having below zero temps made even colder with bite-to-the bone wind chills so that voice was being drowned out by the wee little nagging voice that complained it was too cold out.

This isn’t the actual hawk I saw but a photo I found online. It was zero degrees yesterday and I was bundled up in many layers so I could have never gotten my two pair of gloves off fast enough to get a picture.

But it does not matter because seeing that hawk and hearing his message made my heart soar! I have no doubt what-so-ever he was just waiting for me to confirm that I was right where I needed to be, taking that walk on such a chilly day.

The sun was brilliant, the skies an icy blue, and the winds calm, along with Hawk, it was just the medicine I needed to adjust my attitude which I sorely needed.

There is truly nothing like nature to remind you of how grand life is if we can take our focus off our silly little worries for a time being. And you know what? Just that half hour in nature had me feeling as if I could fly, just like Hawk!

After sharing this post, I heard from my 80 something year old friend, Jerry who wrote, “It’s true that I can’t tolerate the cold outside as well as I did even ten years ago, I have goose down, and I have my old-fart’s hat with the insulation and ear flaps. We went out for an early dinner on New Year’s Eve, and it’s the first time I’ve sat in an upscale restaurant with thermal longjohns under my good clothes, but old age brings many firsts. So try to enjoy it.” 

Point taken my friend, point taken. And a lovely quote he shared with me from T.S. Elliot, in “The Wasteland.” 

Winter kept us warm, covering

Earth in forgetful snow, feeding

A little life with dried tubers.

Pays to have wise old friends to keep us in check and I take this advice, tuck it under my fuzzy hood on my coat, and will carry with me.

And since my dear friend, Jerry isn’t on Facebook (of which I think is very wise of him at times, too) I share some pictures from my walk yesterday and today… and I hope it will inspire you, along with Jerry’s sage advice, to partake in the magic of nature…

Made it up the first hill after seeing Hawk and the cold was no longer a factor!
Hello trees! Oh, how I’ve missed you!
So pretty!
Interesting art in nature!
Right before heading out of the woods I came across the very busy bunny trail crossing!
Me and my shadow plus a walking stick friend I picked up along the way. The stick now awaits me for next time as I left at the edge of the woods. Can’t wait to see him and maybe Hawk again!

Sunday morning walk photos below.

I decided to walk earlier today with the intention that I hoped I’d see some deer. Lucky me, but also proof for me that we are truly connected and one with nature, the animals, and the universe…because as I walked down one part of the trail that is steep, I looked up just in time to see four deer run across the path about fifteen feet in front of me! Oh yes, so dang worth it. So worth it!!

First on the trail this morning!
What was and the promise of what will be again.
There’s a trio of trees like this, all with wooden fences around them, as we live in a part of the Kettle Moraine area. Fascinating how the landscape is, I think.
My walking stick friend which I leave to rest here after my walk. See you again soon!