It’s Experiences that Matter. One Memory I’ll Treasure for a Long Time to Come.

It's Experiences that Matter. One Memory I'll Treasure for a Long Time to Come.
John sawing down our tree!

The holiday decorations were up and I had spruce essential oil burning in the diffuser as John and I played Yahtzee last night.

As we played I said, “Did you smell the scent of Christmas tree when you came in tonight?”

“No,” he said.

“Really?” I found that odd.

For a moment I got lost in my own little world thinking about how I missed the smell of a real Christmas tree. When we first got married we had a real tree the first few years, then went to an artificial one. For quite a few years, and I’ve lost track, we didn’t have one at all, and I actually got rid of the one we had, lights and all, plus the tree stand.

I noticed John was looking into the living room as he said, “I was thinking we should get a real tree this year.”

Tears instantly flooded my eyes and I said, “Really? I was thinking the same thing too!”

Then I realized something. “But we don’t have any lights or a tree stand. I got rid of everything quite a few years ago.”

Grinning he said, “Well, then, we will just have to pick that up too.”

I jumped up and hugged him so tight. He said, “We can go tomorrow and cut a tree down.”

Well, now I was really crying! Tears of joy! We’d never done that before and I was like a little girl on Christmas Eve anticipating the arrival of Santa, but instead, excited about the adventure we would have getting our tree instead.

So here’s the thing. John is a great guy. I’m one lucky lady and couldn’t have asked for a better partner to share my life. But I’d kind of given up for a long time talking about a real tree. It always seemed a hassle to bring it up. You know how life can get in the way if you let it sometimes?

But in those moments all I could think of was how much I loved him. It’s experiencing life that matters and what is so precious. The older I get the more those experiences become that more special.

And so today we set off to a tree farm to get our tree. It was the best. day. ever.  Riding in the wagon, down the path past rows and rows of beautiful trees, the wind blowing in our faces, breathing in the fresh air, well, all I can say is I was one happy girl.

The wagon dropped us off and down the rows we went. I spotted one and said, “This one! He is so beautiful! This is the one I want!”

John said, “Well, let’s just walk a little further yet.”

And a little further, I saw another one, “This one! This is the one I want! Isn’t he beautiful?”

But yet John said we should keep looking.

And we walked some more until I said, “Nope, that last one. That’s the one I want.” So back we went.

Our tree! Oh, how I love our tree! Isn’t he sweet?

I wanted it to all go in slow motion and capture every single detail. While I don’t know if we will have a real tree next year, or after that, or what the future holds, the fact is the memory of how this all unfolded to having a real tree this year is one I’ll treasure for a very long time to come.

I look in my living room this afternoon as night approaches and the tree is half lit. Yup. Didn’t get enough lights, so back to the store  tomorrow…but that tree just makes me so happy because of how it all came to be. It is one loved tree.

And I thank my lucky stars for this gift that will be in my heart always.

Fr*ee Teleseminar: Animals as Oracles – Personal Transformation and Healing with Animal Wisdom

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There will be time for Q & A and I’ll also be giving listeners a chance to win 1 of 3 personal 30-minute oracle readings I’ll be giving away.

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Hope to “see” you on the call and feel free to share this with friends you think may enjoy, too!

Much love and gratitude,


Celebrating #Giving Day from the Heart and in Memory of Kylie

Celebrating #Giving Day from the Heart and in Memory of Kylie

Kylie loved her toys. She had a whole basket full that resided in the kitchen where she could choose which one she wanted at any given moment.

This past year, the red heart, which had been at the bottom of the basket for quite a long time, all of a sudden, became one of her favorites.

The white bear was one I picked up about six months ago at a second-hand shop. It just called out to me to bring it home for her.

They now bring me some comfort as they rest on our bed. Though the presence of Kylie being gone is such a large void. Crawling into bed last night, my heart heavy with grief. I so wanted to hug her again.

Realizing it is #Giving day today I thought what better way than to celebrate not only giving, but giving in honor of someone you love and something that is meaningful to you.

Most of Kylie’s toys, except for the heart and bear, I am giving as a donation to a second-hand shop for another dog to love. 

I tend to get overwhelmed with all the charities that need help because I wish I could help everyone.

Which to choose?

And then it came to me. I decided to donate to a local organization, Holyland Donkey Haven and Sanctuary, that rescues, rehabilitates, and teaches about donkey care.

Why donkey’s?

John and I always fondly referred to Kylie as our little donkey because of the way she sat on her haunches. While she wasn’t pessimistic like the donkey character, Eeyore, she did have that relaxed, laid back way about her and so often she just reminded us of a donkey.  And also because of my love of donkeys and hoping that someday I can volunteer and help with them, as this is a dream of mine.

And so this becomes so meaningful as a way in which I could narrow it down and give what I could for this day of giving in memory of Kylie, who gave John and me so much…and it’s her beautiful heart and giving that will remain in our own hearts for eternity.

And in the spirit of giving, I want to say a grateful thank you to each of you that reached out to us and your generous giving of love and support with the loss of Kylie. Thank you so much. We are never alone in this journey of grief, as we have all walked this path more than once…and so your understanding helps as we journey forward.

Much love and gratitude,