A Shared Lunch that Swept Me Away

A Shared Lunch that Swept Me Away

Dishwater blonde curls framed her tiny face with dimples anchoring her smile and eyes that twinkled like stars in the midnight sky.

His faded red hat was worn along with his face of many wrinkles, but there was a twinkle in his eye also that couldn’t be denied.

They sat kitty corner from me at the lunch counter. Her feet didn’t touch the floor as their order of two sodas and a basket of French fries arrived.

Between them sat the pile of fries as he gently moved a few off to the side, placing a dollop of ketchup on the young girls side of the basket. He then did the same for himself.

With every French fry she dipped into her ketchup and then brought to her sweet, little lips, she glanced up, eyes on fire with pure love, at the man sitting beside her.

The exchange was mutual as I tried to look away not wanting to intrude with my stare at the scene unfolding beside me. But I couldn’t help myself.

She double dipped each fry, took sips of her soda, and those dimples of hers, oh, how they danced every time she looked up at the man beside her.

I was sure if I looked to the floor a puddle would have been there for my heart was melting at the sight before me that spoke volumes.

Not a word was exchanged between them as her legs dangled below her and soon enough she ran out of ketchup and began double dipping her fries in the ketchup that remained on his side of the basket.

Tummy full and thirst quenched, but still half her soda left, with a big smile on her face, she slid her plastic cup over to him. With a big slurp from the straw he finished off the last of it.

Down from the stool she hopped as her curls bounced down with her. After paying the bill, he stepped off his stool while she patiently waited for him. As they walked away, his arm fell to his side, and her tiny arm with open hand reached up, and out the door they walked.

A Grandpa and his granddaughter – a shared lunch together – and a moment in time I wished could have lasted forever.

I would have loved to get a photo of grandpa and granddaugher, but the moment was just too special and sacred to intrude. So I found this image above online that I feel relates to what I witnessed. Photo credit:  Renee Anderson

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I Don’t Have Squirrels In My Yard

I Don't Have Squirrels In My Yard

Funny thing the other day. My dad and his wife were walking by our house and stopped to talk to John and I. They asked if we had any squirrels because they have been deluged with them. They are busy preparing for winter, hiding nuts everywhere.

Nope, no squirrels here I said. And I felt a bit sad we didn’t have any. I love to watch them.

And then a curious thing. Last Sunday I had gotten a bundle of corn stalks and put them in the outside corner of my writing cottage. And guess who came to dinner?

And I wondered, how in the world he knew?  Can they smell corn from a mile away? But it didn’t matter, because this little guy made me so happy to see him.

And now I have a squirrel in my yard and I am happy.

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Accepting orders thru tomorrow only (Friday) for Special Edition Gift Package of My New Book, “Wisdom Found in the Pause”

Accepting orders thru tomorrow only (Friday) for Special Edition Gift Package of My New Book, "Wisdom Found in the Pause"

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