The Truth is, I Didn’t Remember…But then a Pause Reminded Me.

The Truth is, I Didn't Remember...But then a Pause Reminded Me.

Perhaps it was because I woke with a sinus headache, fed the dogs and went back to bed this morning, which isn’t like me to do. But I honored what I felt I needed.

An hour later I was feeling much better and knew today was the day I would stop procrastinating and get the back cover text written for my book coming out this fall, Wisdom Found in the Pause – Joie’s Gift. 

I planted my butt firmly in my writing chair and vowed to not leave it until I’d gotten a draft written. After three hours and may re-writes I was happy with what I’d written so off to my editor it went. Will see what she has to say.

One thing I have to remind myself to do is to take breaks and give myself small rewards for tasks accomplished. So being a beautiful day – suspended between summer and a hint of fall, I set out with Gidget in her stroller, for a walk around town.

As I walked through the senior assisted community complex, I noticed the sweetest, small leaf on the ground. When I looked up, I noted the tree is beginning to change.

red leaf

I enjoy savoring every bit of fall and decided to be on the lookout to create an altar from things found on my walk to place in my writing cottage when I got home.


Small pine cones, two goose feathers, a stone, snippets of wheat grass, a yellow coneflower and two maple leaves were the items I collected as I walked.  Along with my collecting bits of nature on my path I paused to also take photos of things that made me smile. Little did I know it was going to lead me to remembering…




…and then I remembered…when I saw this wooden sign in a downtown retail shop…


Today is three years since Joie passed away…and with it she left me the gift of what I would learn over the last three years…that pausing often in ones life is essential to well being…that the journey and purpose of life is to be happy.

I couldn’t help but feel a sweet joy well up inside me for the spiritual signposts I was rewarded with today. When I got home, I created the altar with a photo of Joie beside it, and have a battery operated candle lit in her memory.

And I’m reminded once again of the divine timing of her life with me…the gifts of transition…and the timing of the book I’ve written about her due out this fall…and trusting in what one can’t always see until it is time.

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Four Things I Love About Fall…

Four Things I Love About Fall...

  • cooler temps in the early evening – perfect for a chiminea fire
  • a favorite shawl to wrap around my shoulders
  • reading the current fall Cottage Journal – and past fall issues as I save them
  • cuddling with a doxie

okay, that last one, I like to do anytime of the year!

We have had a day of on and off rain, but now a perfect fall evening — even though not quite fall yet — but getting a hint of what is to come– and I’m in heaven!

And my list will grow longer as fall makes its way to us!

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Have Van Will Travel Journal: Inspector Approves of Phase One Conversion

Have Van Will Travel Journal: Inspector Approves of Phase One

Another installment of our journey converting a 2009 Chevy van into a camper.

After a trip to Camper World today to see what they offered and looking at a 2008 Roadtrek van I brought ideas home for John. Of course this meant we had to open up our van and do another “walk-thru” and some discussion of how we see this becoming a reality.

This was also a good time to see if Inspector Gidget approved of phase one of our project which we completed last Sunday — all the shelves and tools were removed by John, while I cleaned up the front of the van.

It looks like she has approved so we will begin making plans now for phase two and forward!  It’s very helpful to have an inspector and she is available for hire should you need approval also.  🙂

Have a great weekend my friends!

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