I Wish I Had a Dollar for Every Time…


I’ve been trying to get out for a bike ride around our small town as often as I can. I try for every day, around mid-day, but that does not always work out. But I do get an A for effort!

I really enjoy this time with Gidget – a special time for her and I to bond and be together. I love watching how curious she is.

Today as we cruised past the lake and a Dad, little girl, and pregnant Mom headed down to the beach, I heard, “Oh look, how cute! A little dog in the basket.”

The little girl squealed with delight.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard this. It always makes me smile and I do enjoy making others smile in this way, too.

But today I thought, “Gosh, if I had a dollar for every  time someone said this, I could….” and I began filling in the blank with different answers.

While money can’t buy happiness I did think it would be nice if one could earn a dollar for each time someone said this. But then again the reward is truly in knowing you made another person happy.

And as fast as I’d earn a dollar for every time someone said, “Oh look, how cute!” I realized I’d be losing that dollar just as quickly as I tend to say the same thing quite often myself!

A Secret Garden of Elkhart Lake

A Secret Garden of Elkhart Lake

One of my favorite spots when walking around my small town of Elkhart Lake (well, actually I do have many!) is past Victorian Village Resort.

Originally it was named Rustic House and was built in 1872. Fire would destroy the hotel in 1890, but it was rebuilt, and then named Lake View House . Today the building is called The Grand Victorian Lady at Victorian Village Resort having gone through a renovation in 1999.

The sidewalk running past the hotel is lined with trees that act like an umbrella over the walkway for about a block long. It always feels like I am entering a secret garden.

It never fails that Gidget and I see at least one squirrel bounding through the big yard outside the hotel who quickly scurries up a tree when he sees us.

It will be just a few short weeks and then the hydrangea’s will be in full bloom which will add to the beauty of this exquisite spot.

Every time I walk through this magical portal of trees, flowers, bunnies and squirrels, I never want to come out the other side. But eventually I do.

Luckily it continues to be quite enchanting with a white cottage with yellow shutters that I adore as we stroll by. Then right after that our beautiful lake captures my attention and draws me in.

The Native Americans (the Potawatomi Indians, the original tribe of the area) believed the water of the lake to have curative powers. If they bathed in them, they would be “rejuvenated and handsome again.”

But soon enough this street that leads through the secret garden, past the darling cottage, and to the lake, will be lined with many vintage cars which come in for the weekend mid-July. The secret garden is then no longer secret with thousands of visitors strolling by admiring the old cars.

But if you are smart, you can take full advantage of this magical walk in the early hours of the morning thus carrying it in your heart for the rest of the day.

Remembering Frankie with Joy and Gratitude.

Remembering Frankie with Joy and Gratitude.

Fitting photo for today, the 3rd anniversary of Frankie’s passing, and Father’s Day. Frankie with her papa.

A friend on Facebook, who also has had dogs in wheelchairs, sent me a note remembering that it is 3-years since Frankie passed today. He thought perhaps I may be sad.

I appreciate his kindness and thinking of me. But I do have to say that I’m not sad. I’m really just so grateful to have had Frankie in my life.  When I think of her these days, I smile. I feel happy. I feel blessed.

To continue to be sad, I think, would be dishonoring her, and all our pets who bring us so much joy and lessons learned that we may never have learned if not for them.

I think of all the love I had for Frankie — still do — it never goes away — it never will. It fills me up with nothing but gratefulness.

If not for her, I’d never had Joie, and now Gidget. Each time one moves on, it opens the door for another.  We get to experience joy and love all over again.

That is their gift…. and I say thank you little one. Thank you for all the love you gave me that changed me forever.

We shall meet again someday. I’m counting on it.