The Frankie Wheelchair Fund Helps 47th Dog with a Wheelchair

The Frankie Wheelchair Fund Helps 47th Dog with a  Wheelchair


This week being close to Thanksgiving, I wish to say a very grateful thank you to everyone who has made it possible for me to help paralyzed dogs with a wheelchair to give them the gift of mobility. I couldn’t do it without you and I’m so thankful for your generosity and help through the years donating to The Frankie Wheelchair Fund.

Meet Cricket! She is the 47th dog granted a wheelchair through The Frankie Wheelchair Fund.

It still amazes me to this day how effortlessly many dogs take to their wheels and off they go, exploring and living life to the fullest.

Cricket is with Furever Dachshund Rescue when she will live out her life with Jo Anne and their permanent foster care program. She was brought to my attention by Sarah of The Smoothe Store. Sarah ran a campaign in conjunction with mine and National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day this past fall, to help raise awareness and raise funds. I’m so grateful to her and those who donated because of her efforts- thank you!

Keep on rolling, Cricket! If you’d like to donate to the care of Cricket who is on various medications and daily therapy you can do so via Furever Dachshund Rescue.

**Crickets wheelchair is custom-made by Eddie’s Wheels.

Stay tuned to meet Peewee and Canelo! Two more dogs recently granted wheelchairs through The Frankie Wheelchair Fund.

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Christmas is for the Birds

christmas is for the birds

It’s the coldest day of the season so far. But I felt the need to venture out into my backyard with two small grapevine wreaths, covered in suet and seed, that I purchased Friday at a local eclectic, vintage store called The Red Rooster.

Being a writer, I’m always thinking of my next blog post. I look forward to coming up with what I will write next.  As I hung the first bird seed wreath I thought, Christmas is for the birds.

I thought about the pressure that comes with the holidays and I which I sometimes have to work to not get caught up in it anymore.

Being in nature, as I was just then, was my reminder. I find myself at peace and centered when I’m honoring my heart impulses, the sky above me, and the ground below me as my foundation. And I thought about how animals don’t worry about all the silly things we humans do.

The birds will come and feast upon the wreath and take great delight in being their bird selves. They won’t feel like they need to rush out and get a gift for me because of the gift I provided them.

The fact that Christmas has become so much about consumerism and materialism and getting caught up in what we should do to fit in tugs sadly at my heart now and then.

But being outside today, connecting with the earth and all its beauty no matter which way I turned, this is what Christmas is about to me. It’s about connecting with Spirit, God, Source, Mother Earth and giving thanks for being a part of the vastness of it all.

It’s about honoring and respecting this precious time here. It’s about taking the time to remind ourselves about what’s important to us.

Many moons ago I used to get so caught up in making sure my house was decorated just so and I stressed myself out worrying about just the right gifts to get everyone. I never truly enjoyed the holidays because by the time they rolled around I was stressed and burnt out.

But I now do my best to honor what is right for me. Simplicity, being in nature, time with my animals and John, stillness and solitude.

And funny how when one does this, that then Christmas and the Spirit of it remains with us long into the New Year.

Gazing out my writing cottage window shall then serve as a reminder… that Christmas is indeed for the birds, our earth, all the animals…. and a mirror to which if we look will cast a magical spell onto our human hearts of what the Christmas Spirit is truly all about….Peace. Love. Joy.

christmas for the birds 2

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Being Open to Unexpected Messengers that Cross Your Path

Being Open to Unexpected Messengers that Cross Your Path

Some of my writing companions when home in my Zen writing cottage

I had time to kill between an early morning meeting Tuesday at a coffeehouse before my scheduled talk with a book club two and half hours later at the same place.

Taking advantage of getting some writing done away from home I settled into a spot with my laptop on a small table and looking out over the river. The winds were howling and leaves danced outside the large glass windows as I held a hot cup of orange blossom tea to warm my hands and insides.

As much as I wanted to work on my book, Wisdom Found in the Pause, I found myself procrastinating. It was also my 31st wedding anniversary and I was feeling the pull to write a blog post about it – a thought having just flickered across my mind.

I honored my impulse and after sharing my post on Facebook, I got caught up in what else was happening in the world according to Facebook.

A few moments later I looked up to see a gentleman I know coming down the stairs from the loft that is part of the quaint coffeehouse.

I waved and he walked over. We chatted a few moments about life in general and he asked me if John was busy with his construction business. He then asked me if I was working on a new book. I told him, that yes, I am.

While I don’t know him all that well, the few times I’ve had the pleasure of talking with him, he is one of those people who really listens when someone talks. I’ve just always sensed that in him and it’s such a gift.

I shared with him how it is two years this month since I began, taking me longer to finish than my other books have.

He said, “Well, I imagine, writing the way you do, sharing your feelings and thoughts which are so personal, it can’t always be easy and takes time to work through.”

I swear he was reading my mind as this has been how I’ve felt writing this book, even more so than my first memoir.

He offered the advice that he felt this was likely part of the process as a way in which I worked – getting comfortable in writing what I have and getting ready to feel comfortable in releasing it for others to read.

He was spot on. As I’ve written recently here I’m understanding more about my own process and getting comfortable in what is right for me – not necessarily how others may write or publish – but how it fits for me.

I also often revisit why I write. While yes, I never want to lose money publishing, and of course, as most people who write a book would like to make a little money from sales, I write because it is how I process things.

If what I write can help another person, well, that is what makes my work most fulfilling and rewarding. When this occurs, it lights me up inside to keep on going.

After we said our goodbyes and he walked away, I found I could hardly wait to open the folder on my laptop that contains my manuscript.

I realized then that he was a messenger sent to encourage me. And in doing so my procrastinator had no choice but to get up and move on.

His words of wisdom soothed this writers heart and were just what I needed to get my fingers flying across the keyboard once again.

Writing and publishing can oftentimes feel vulnerable, which I see now as part of the process — and part of life no matter what. I’m honored to share a piece I wrote called “Vulnerability: A Gift to be Embraced” published on this month on a wonderful site, Rumblstrips.

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