Give Paralyzed Dogs the Gift of Mobility

Since 2012 I’ve been carrying on Frankie’s legacy – a mission her and I started together – to be a positive voice for paralyzed dogs – to help others see that dogs do live fulfilling lives even when using a dog wheelchair.

As many of you know, who follow my online journal (thank you!), this fund has granted to date, 40 wheelchairs to dogs in need. The majority we have granted the full amount of the cost of a wheelchair, some partial if their owner is able to contribute something toward the wheels, and two we have covered the cost of shipping.

It all matters. To be a part of giving the gift of mobility to a paralyzed dog truly is rewarding.

So while I have the Frankie Wheelchair Fund set up to donate via Paypal on National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day website, I was also recently encouraged to start a Go Fund Me campaign. It will run indefinitely as that is the beauty of Go Fund Me. It’s also another great avenue in which to get the word out about this special mission.

So here is where I’m asking for your help. While I know money can be tight for many, and I understand that completely – but if you’d be willing to share this campaign on your Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, blog, or with family and friends, I’d be so grateful. It would really help me to spread the word, so that more dogs can be helped. And of course, if you know of anyone who would like to donate, that will allow the fund to help even more paralyzed dogs.

I take the funding very seriously and have an application process in place. Not everyone is approved, but I feel the process I have is needed and fair. If I’m not quite sure about an applicant, I have others I turn to to help me in the decision making process.

Just to review also The Frankie Wheelchair Fund requirements for those granted a wheelchair:

1.) A photo to be submitted once dog is up and rolling in their wheelchair so I can share via my social media avenues – and they are forever displayed on National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day website.

2.) The wheelchair is donated to another dog when it no longer needed, or it is donated back to Eddie’s Wheels (where they are originally purchased from) – so that they may be adjusted to fit another dog in need.

I’m excited about this new avenue with Go Fund Me, but also know that I can’t do this alone. And gosh, if not for everyone who helped me along the way, I couldn’t have helped so many already. I welcome your help in helping me spread the word and say right now a grateful thank you!

…and if you have any helpful suggestions in other ways to spread the word, I’m open to that too.

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Park Bench Promise

park benches

I’ve been itching to be outside, going for walks. Yesterday it was in the upper 20s. While I realize that may sound very cold to others, it was welcome here where we have been below zero for a good part of February.

Mother Nature seems to have flip-flopped January and February because we should be in the mid 30s for this month. But yesterday, I got Kylie and Gidget out for a short walk. Neither like to walk too far, and Gidget really can’t go all that far because of her IVDD.

After I walked the girls, I dropped them off and continued on for a longer walk alone. This morning was below zero again and the wind is supposed to pick up later today making it feel colder as the day goes on.

I thought about using the excuse of the cold as a good reason for not walking, even though I didn’t want the weather to stop me either. I was going back and forth in my head, lying in bed.

But then I thought about the book I just finished reading, Walking Home: A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed and how author Sonia Choquette walked 500 miles in 30 days walking the famous Camino de Santiago. Most days she walked in pouring rain.

That was enough to motivate me to get outside and start walking. My mind so inspired I walked down to the lake (my body may regret this later on!). I hadn’t walked down there in quite some time.

How lovely to come across the park benches sitting in the snow, looking out over the lake. As if a promise, that soon, before we know it, sounds of children splashing in the water will be heard, boats skimming across the lake will echo off the shoreline, and dogs prancing happily down the brick path will cause people to pause and smile.

Images of people sitting upon the benches eating their ice cream cones, reading a good book, or gazing in meditation out into the still blue waters of Elkhart Lake filled my mind and suddenly I realized I had forgotten all about the cold.

Lost in my own meditation from my early morning walk. Now that is what it is all about. I’m so glad I ventured out.

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To the Sea – You and Me

IMG_2290 s

There we were. Me in my big, floppy periwinkle hat, sitting in the sand, my knees hugging my chest. In the space between my thighs and chest, is you, peeking over the top of my knees, with the brim of my hat acting as an umbrella over your soft, petite head.

The sun is setting as we gaze out into the ever darkening sea. The waves gently lapping up to touch my toes every few moments.

Something about the water as if spirits are dancing on the waves reminding us that we are all connected. We can visit this inner place any time we want whether sitting on the beach, out for a walk, lying in bed, or wherever. It’s always there.

Each time this has happened, I feel this warm glow of knowing rise up in me. It makes me smile. We don’t speak, yet we know there is something real happening between us that needs no words.

This last week I began practicing what I was trained in a few years ago, which is Reiki. It means spiritual or universal energy. Practicing Reiki, which is like a meditation, is holding the space for another to accept and take (or not), whatever it is they wish for their own healing.

Miss Gidget has been the recipient of my practicing this again. And the last three days I find us on the beach as I described above during the Reiki session.

At first, like our minds always try to do, I tried to analyze it. Why are we on the beach? Why does this scene keep popping in my head? Were we once there together in another lifetime? Am I crazy? Why have I pictured this scene three days in a row now?

But then I let it go and sink down into my heart. This is the place I want to be. This place of no explanation. This place of feeling loved, safe and secure. And this is the gift. Not only to me, but to Gidget as well.

This is our connection – a bond between you and me that is ours and only ours – and it is real- and beautiful.

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