Women Need Other Women – Shifting the Perspective

Women Need Other Women - Shifting the Perspective

I wish every day could be like it is the 3rd Wednesday of every month. 

I was part of helping form a Women’s Mastermind Circle, which began meeting in February. There are five of us – all visionary women, most of us in mid-life with one that is in her early 30s. We all have in common that we want to live each day from a place of intuitive intention and live from a place within that is at peace with who she is.

While we all ebb and flow with this to some degree, our gatherings help to remind those of us that may need reassurance. We also all have in common that we each live from a place of awareness of how we strive to live a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.

It’s so refreshing to be among a group of ladies who aren’t in competition with each other. We value each others thoughts, we practice deep listening, we offer what we can in support, and have compassion for where we are on each of our life’s path.

It has really had me  thinking of how we, as women, must begin to shift our perspective of each other. Where the competitiveness began among women can certainly be debated and there are so many things that have contributed to it, no doubt. But we have to begin with ourselves and how we treat each other in order for that shift to begin. Women can, and have been, so hard on each other.

All I know is that to be among these five ladies in this monthly circle has enriched my heart and spirit that I can hardly wait for the next month’s time together to come around again. And I know that being a part of this circle helps me as I move about in my world outside the circle to try even more to have compassion for other’s. Not that this is always easy in such a diverse and troubled world – it can certainly prove to be challenging.

But I believe that if more can find support among their own small tribe of women the shift can gain ground for more personal healing and ultimately on a global level, too.

Every month as I drive home from being in this circle of amazing women, I feel a fire of aliveness ignited once again of how important it is to have kindred spirits like this in my life. While I needed to move away from the corporate world over twelve years ago and needed much time alone, I’m now realizing how important it is for me to be around other women like the circle I’m part of.

Time alone feeds my soul in one way, while time with this dear tribe of ladies I have the honor of getting to know better, is feeding my soul in another with the result of feeling more whole and alive in a new way.

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Jeep Ride through the Hidden Life of Trees

Jeep Ride through the Hidden Life of Trees

This Jeep dog stroller has been a ride for three disabled dachshunds since 2008— Frankie, Joie, and now Gidget. And someday when Gidget is no longer with me, I will be retiring it along with my adopting special needs dogs as I wrote about recently.

For now, I enjoy my time with Miss Gidget knowing she is likely my last disabled little, one and a favorite place to stroll is actually past this wooded area—not through it.  

Ever since reading The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben I can’t walk past trees in the same way now. It’s a good thing. Wohlleben’s scientific discovery that trees are social beings, describing them like a human family with tree parents and children, and that they have their own network of communication going on among them.

Now I wonder what they are saying when I walk by. Are they happy to see Gidget and me? Do they get upset when people leave trash behind?  There was some trash along our route and so I picked that up as we went. I like to think the trees were happy with me for doing that. 

But interesting when one begins to see the trees and plants as some sort of beings how you no longer feel alone when among them. Just like animals, they have much wisdom to share with us if we just tune in and listen.

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