Dragonflys Important Synchronistic Message


Dragonfly's Important Synchronistic Message

I did an interview last month, which I knew today would be the air date, but then forgot about until I was tagged in a post on Facebook mid-morning today.

I smiled to myself because earlier this morning, picking an oracle card from the Power Animals deck, the card I got was Dragonfly. She is about illusion and her message: You know who you really are. As I did my yoga practice listening to music a song came on talking about illusion.

Seeing the interview was now live, I remembered how I felt after doing it, and how I thought I could have done better. Aren’t we always the hardest on ourselves? I told myself I wasn’t going to listen to it for this reason.

But then I thought about Dragonfly and her message. So I listened to the interview and I was pleasantly surprised. And thinking about Dragonfly I realized once again how we can get stuck in the illusion – the illusion that we aren’t good enough. But if we really take the time to think about who we are, we really do know. It is there within us, just waiting for us to act from.

And so was the message I shared in my interview today – to live from that true essence of who you really are. 

I just love the synchronicity of it all and how my Monday morning has gone! And signs and symbols are always there for us to see if we are paying attention. I’m so glad I was today as now I have good feelings vibrating through me.

If you’d like to listen to the interview I did with author Kaya Singer in celebration of her one year book anniversary of Wiser and Wilder, you can check it out here.  Then come join the discussion on Kaya’s special Facebook page and stay tuned for other inspiring women she interviewed and will air every Monday during the month of May.

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The Soul of A Dog

The Soul of A Dog

I know some may question if a dog really does have a soul. But I just can’t imagine that they don’t. And at times if you are lucky, you can catch it on camera.

Such is this photo of my Lab, Kylie. She is now 11 1/2 years old but looking at this picture I see a younger version of her. I also see this undeniable beautiful light emanating from her, as if it is her soul coming right through her whole being. I feel as if I’m seeing the true essence of her.

While my analytical mind can come up with words to try and describe what I’m seeing, it’s truly not the point. It’s what I feel at the depth of my soul that I know in my heart that I am seeing the soul of my girl, Kylie. It’s a feeling that is so deep, so rich, so true, that there just aren’t adequate words. You just know without a shadow of a doubt in your own being that this feeling is true and real.

While some may say perhaps this is a projection, that is fine. But for me, I won’t deny what it is I am feeling in this most glorious moment of catching what I believe is Kylie’s soul through the lens of my camera. And I have so much gratitude for being witness to this…and it’s something I never want to forget.

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It’s a Red Letter Day!

It's a Red Letter Day!

Perhaps you’ve heard of a red letter day?  I’d not heard of it until I started reading author Susan Branch’s books.

A red letter day is… a day that is pleasantly noteworthy or memorable.

I don’t know what makes for a red letter day for you, but this is what has made it a red letter day for me so far  today:

  • The sun is shining after about six days of cloudy and rainy weather. Yay!
  • Going for a walk on my lunch hour with Gidget we saw a mama and papa duck crossing the road with five yellow little ones waddling behind. Yay!
  • Passing the veterinarian in town a black lab and border collie were playing ball on their lunch hour. Yay!
  • The church bells were ringing. Yay!
  • Arriving home I found in my mailbox Jon Katz’ new book, Talking to Animals – How we can understand animals and they can understand you. Yay!
  • It was warm enough to eat my lunch outside on my deck. Yay!
  • Tonight date night at a restaurant on a lake that was closed for a little over a year, which we were so disappointed about – but it is now open again. Yay!

It really is the simple pleasures of life that make it a red letter day for me. And I hope wherever you are you are having a red letter day, too!

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