God’s Creatures

I am a faithful reader of “The Daily Word” (www.silentunity.org).  No matter what your higher source is, I believe the greatest plan was hatched when animals were created.  Before I elaborate, here is today’s lesson from “The Daily Word.”

God bless animals, for they are essential to the balance of nature.

Bless the animals of every form and size, wherever they may be.  In a heartland or on a coastline, in the pasture or the jungle, all are of God’s creation.

Whether legged, winged, scaled, or finned, all creatures are precious to the circle of life.  As they go about doing what is theirs to do, they make a positive difference in our world.

A tiny, wet-nosed puppy snuggles on a bed.  The powerful burst of a whale’s blow reaches for the sky.  All animals give us reason to appreciate them.

They are handsome, strong, and giving.  They give comfort, joy, safety, and service.  It is our joy to take care of and protect them and their habitats.  Wherever they may be, they are gifts of God, essential to the balance of nature.

The animals in my life have been the greatest blessings for me.  I believe in order to truly appreciate them we have to observe their actions and take to heart what they are teaching us.

My cat reminds me that naps are essential for a balanced life!  Even if 15 minutes is all I can squeeze in, if I do it, I am a more efficient, energized person.  She also teaches me time alone is good for our souls.  It refreshes me and helps to make me a better person.

My dog Frankie, who is paralyzed, has taught me some of the greatest lessons to date.  I have not always been the most patient person.  When she was hurt, I added to my routine the care of doing physical therapy with her and learning to express her bladder, which we continue to do and must do for the duration of her life.  Each morning we run through the exercises to keep her muscles strong.  This takes about 15 minutes and in that time my love deepens for her.  It is the best feeling in the world to know I am doing the best I can for her.  And I can just read it in her sweet face that she understands what I am doing. 

My young lab Kylie teaches me to have fun in life!  As she runs wild in the yard each evening, she reminds me we must all find time to play each day… and to play hard.  She is full of daily antics and that has taught me not to sweat the small stuff.

All of the animals within my home and those I come in contact with in the outside world complete my circle of life.  My heart would not be as rich, full and joyful if it were not for all of God’s creatures.  They have brought me the greatest riches in the world that money simply cannot buy.  Each and every animal on this earth is simply priceless.


It is my hope to share with you my love for animals and the gift of life and joy they have given me.  Especially dogs and what they have taught me.  They have had a profound effect on my spirituality.  I now live with more peace, fulfillment and purpose.

Opening our eyes and our hearts to our four legged friends can teach us many valuable lessons.  My chocolate lab Cassie died at the age of 10 from bone cancer.  During the 8 months of her illness, I literally stopped dead in my tracks and re-evaluated my life.  I have always realized dogs live short lives, but to actually be faced with losing Cassie was one on the hardest experiences I have gone through.  Looking back, I believe with every fiber of my being God sent her to me.  He knew she would gently guide me down a better path and she indeed did that, and more.  I will always be grateful for the unwavering love she showed me.

Six months after losing Cassie, my miniature dachshund Frankie ruptured a disk in her back and is now paralyzed.  It was a tough road, but I took it one day at a time.  One year later I have come out stronger and have found more purpose for my life.

The joy of animals has given me a deeper meaning to this thing called life.  I would have missed out on so many lessons had I not taken the time to pay attention to what was being taught to me through the lives of my dear furry friends.

So, through my blog I wish to bring hope to a world that tends to spin too fast.  If we learn to observe moments through the hearts and lives of our animals, I believe the world will be a better and brighter place to be.