A funny moment remembered…

I am not sure why this story popped into my head recently.  Maybe because I am heart deep into my book about Frankie, and thinking about the stories I want to share about her with others.

The first three months after Frankie’s accident were crucial in regards to the healing process.  I decided to try acupuncture for her.  It was a viable option and I was clear it may or may not work, but it was worth a try.

Frankie and I met the most wonderful Veterinarian who was retired, but was still doing acupuncture for clients he felt he may be able to help.  He agreed to see Frankie and me.  Dr. Charles Myer is a beautiful man of deep spirit and meeting him had a profound effect on me and the situation I was going through.  He too, is in a wheelchair and at the time we met him, it had only been two years since his accident.  We met with him for 90 minutes as he performed acupuncture on Frankie.  It was an amazing thing to watch. After the treatment he discussed with me signs to watch for if the acupuncture worked.  We left the room and I was content in whatever the outcome.  I was so honored to have met Dr. Myer and glean some of his wisdom.

Now, let me back up a moment and fill you in that Frankie is not able to use her bladder on her own because of the paralysis.  I learned how to express her bladder.  As far as the ‘other end’ goes, well, that is a muscle and it reacts when it needs to.  Timing it is something I work hard on, to avoid any accidents.

I carry my purse on my right shoulder and Frankie in my right arm like a football.  I went to the reception desk to pay for the services.  I switched Frankie from my right arm to my left.  As I reached into my purse for my checkbook, I noticed something, well, rather ‘strange.’  In my mind I said, “What the heck is that?”  And in that moment I realized, yes, you guessed it, a Frankie turd!  I didn’t say a word and nonchalantly shook “it” to the side and rescued my checkbook from the oversized tootsie roll.

As I walked out the front door of the clinic and to my car, I started laughing and could not stop laughing.  As soon as I got control of my fits of giggles, I called to relay the story to my husband, John. 

And so my acceptance of Frankie and the situation that her “other end” may react when it needs to (even though I try my best to make sure that is all “taken care of” before we head out).  I have a choice as how I am going to deal with it and to me, there are worse things in life, this is really nothing.  Meet it head on with laughter and enjoy the giggles!

Happy Birthday, Frankie!

Frankie is 8 years old today!  How is she celebrating?  Well, she got up at 7:00a and scarfed down her breakfast, took a nap, had physical therapy, took a nap, barked at the UPS man, took a nap, greeted John mid-morning, and is now napping again.  Typical day for a little wiener dog.

She will no doubt be showered with at least 1,000 kisses from me and from John.  Maybe she might even get lucky and John will do “spa night” for her tonight.  This is when he gives her a bath in the kitchen sink.  She loves that!  John wets her down, lathers her up, massages her, rinses her, and then wraps her in a big fluffy towel (with lots of cooing to boot!)  After just writing everything she has done for the day so far and all the kisses she is getting, I’m apt to think everyday is her birthday!  Oh well, she deserves it!  She has brought John and me so much joy and love.  So much so, the least we can do for her is celebrate everyday as special with her.

Happy Birthday my little sweetheart!  XO

I sold my sports car for this?

This uprooting of displaced dirt and shrubs will soon be my “home away from home” as I have dubbed it.  My dream of a sacred space where I can be in silence, write, read, dream or ‘just be’ is coming true.  What will fill this space will be a 10 x 12 room with a cottage-y flair which I have held in my minds eye for quite some time now.

Three years ago, I too, was uprooted. My insides were in turmoil as I searched for something more in my life.  I wanted a simpler life, a more authentic life, a life of purpose.   Along with a simpler life comes accepting that material ‘stuff is simply, well, just stuff.  Stuff does not define who we really are.

As my path of discovery to me started to reveal itself and I began writing and living my life as I defined it, an interesting process unfolded.  The world suddenly seemed full of strikingly vivid colors and all of nature around me seemed so alive.  Where was I all this time while the flowers bloomed, the trees changed colors, the wind whispered and the sky turned shades of brilliant blues?

Now that I have found this new world, I never want to let it go and that will mean at times living without ‘stuff.’  So when I started to see myself in a space to call all my own I began to ask God for guidance to help me figure out a way I could make it happen.  That is when I knew the decision to sell my sports car was the right one.  It is what is funding my “home away from home” and sweat equity from my loving husband (thank you, honey!).

A car is just a car, but there is only one me and this me is looking forward to the first day my sacred space is complete.  I look forward to the first day white flakes fall from the sky as I sip tea in my room.  The first day the skies blacken and rain taps on my roof as I sip tea in my room.  The first day the sun filters into the windows and kisses my cheek as I sip tea in my room.  The first day I hold Frankie on my lap in my peach wicker chair, sip tea and give thanks for all of nature around me.

So, yes!  I sold my sports car for what will be my piece of heaven.  Stay tuned for updates…