The View From Inside Out

Today it snowed and really came down for awhile.  The sky had turned the color of looking like snow was immanent any moment, though the forecast I listened to had not predicted snow.  It was a beautiful, wistful, soft snow.  I was working in the office working for our construction business and was yearning to be in MySpace.calm!  Soon enough the time came and out I flew to my room!

I snapped this picture looking out one of my windows today.  The view is partially of my yard and I also get to enjoy the bountiful pine trees in my neighbors yard.  Though my windows are not yet stained or trimmed out, it was such a serene site.  Then I glanced to the back of our house and saw my cat, Dani, looking longingly out the patio doors, out of the corner of the blinds.  She looked sad, like she wanted to be with me I’m MySpace.calm.  But, she also made me chuckle, cause it is just like a kitty to peek from behind the blinds.  See if you can find her in this picture!

Frankie’s book is so close to going to print!  This is a longer process than I ever anticipated.  But the text is all complete with no grammar or punctuation errors (hopefully) so that part is ready to roll!  Just awaiting for the cover for a final tweak and the book will be off to the printer!!  The printer will then print up a sample copy and send that to me for my approval.  I can just feel the elation I will feel when I hold that book in my hand!!  So many months of hard work and learning… it will feel so good.  I’m hoping to have all printed copies in hand by mid January 2008!  Stay tuned…

Frankie’s Grateful List

Hi everyone!  Mom let me hop up on the desk so I could tell everyone what I am grateful for this Thanksgiving.

1.  I am grateful my legs are long enough to at least reach the keyboard so I can type this list.

2.  I am grateful I have 3 beds!  One in dad’s office, one in the bedroom and one in my mom’s office. Each bed complete with a blanket just for meeeeee!  Some say I am spoiled.  Nah!!

3.  I am grateful I have tires for back legs so I can zoom, zoom, zoom around the house and chase the cat, Dani!

4.  I am grateful my mom helped me write a children’s book.  I can’t wait to visit school children in 2008!  Look out kids, here we come!

5.  I am grateful for all the people I have met this year who have been so kind to me and loved me despite the fact I get around on tires.  People are so kind!

6.  I am grateful Halloween is over so I don’t have to wear that silly “hot dog” costume.  What was my mom thinking?  Geeeezzzz!

7.  I am grateful for my big yellow sister, Kylie.

8.  I am grateful for snuggle time in the big bed with my mama and papa every night.

9.  I am grateful for a full belly to lull me to sleep.

10.  I am grateful I don’t have to sleep in the same room as Kylie because she snores REALLY LOUD.  Goodness!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  WOOF!!

My Gratitude List

I have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving that I am not even sure where to begin.  Many blessings have found their way to me this year.  I find myself at moments wondering what I did to deserve all these blessings… and in that moment I stop and remember my blessings are a way of reminding me that I must continue to give back and pass along blessings to others.  With the release of Frankie’s book right around the corner in 2008 I plan to pass on that blessing by sharing Frankie with local school children.  She is one of my biggest inspirations in life and to share her with others who need inspiration is a way in which I feel I can give back to others.

Taking a few moments this Thanksgiving to list what we are grateful for will open our hearts out into the universe and spread a positive message.  By sitting with our thoughts and thinking of all the good things in life, the bad things don’t seem so bad afterall.  Here are some of the things I am grateful for:

*I am grateful to God and the strength He sees in me to give me the challenges he has given me over the past few years.  Those challenges have catapulted me forward and opened my eyes to a world alive with details and love.

*I am grateful for my family of John, Frankie, Kylie and Dani and our little cottage in the village.  I feel safe within these walls, within the arms of John and within the paws of my furry friends who continue to love me unconditionally.

*I am grateful for the endless love and support of my mom.  Though our time together has been limited with my busy schedule this year, she is always here with me within my heart cheering me on and loving me like only a mom can do.

*I am grateful for the friendships that have remained and continue to evolve while we each continue to grow and change.  To move forward in ones life with the love and support of friends who stay no matter where your journey may take you is a gift beyond words.

*I am grateful for an open mind which continues to want to soak up everything there is to learn in this world.  So much fascinates me that there are many days in which I wish there were more than 24 hours.

*I am grateful for MySpace.calm and the transformation I already feel growing within me.  I’m so excited about all the opportunities that will unfold for 2008 and will be dreamt up within the cozy retreat of MySpace.calm.

*I am grateful for all the lessons I have learned in 2007… some very painful within the moments of not understanding why certain things happen… but in looking back, realizing this was a path I was meant to take in order to continue to evolve and grow.  By realizing the lesson, the blessing is able to reveal itself. 

I could go on and on with my blessings, but these stick out the most for me as I write this post today… I’m sure I will think of many more… which I wish for each of you… make your list, expand on it daily and see how it transforms your life… I promise it will.

Wishing each of you a blessed Thanksgiving and oh yes…. you are all among my grateful blessings.  I am thankful to each of you for following me via my blog.  Blessings galore to all of you.